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Ok so have a spray tan my sister said ?????????? so up i go and she comes out with this pop up tent then said right diddle get undressed and put on that on your head a paper head cover so i look like one of the tetlry tea men stanley i think his name is . it gets worse !!! then put this on your top half a paper bra no less but ok if you are ample in that department which i am not so i had to scrunch it and twist it and it was still baggy lol the best bit oh yes here we go a pair of black paper thongs !!!!!!!!!! all i can say is good job it is my sister and she is gonna see some funny old sightsdoing those tans lol and then on my feet i had to place them on 2 paer sticky feet so it does not run under your foot so i hope i have not put any of you off your dinner and to top it all a lady who is a regular and a real laugh said oh let me stay and watch see how it is done so there iwas in all my glory being sprayed a lovely golden brown just like a car on a production line !!!!!

but i do look nice and healthy it is just the embarrasment of getting to look likre that lol , kjus good job it is my sioster

so if anyone is interestedin wearing paper underwear and a paper mop cap and bra you know where to come my sisters beauty room

hope you all had a good aday love diddle xxx

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Haha sounds like fun Diddle, shame I live so far away to come tho xx


Diddle told best mate did mine.i went naked except for hat and thong.

Bizzarre but i looked,great.glad you got yours done.x


lol you would not wanna see a pic of that lol love diddle x


hi yes although date i say the sky is blue and the sun is shining here today so you never know we may be lucky lol but look what you have to look likemto get the tan mmmmmmmmm do you really want to to put yourself through that ?????????

love diddle i may mix some gravy browning up nexttime lol it looks like soy sauce the stuff she puts in the spray gun and it sounds like a hoover lol


That sounds like a real good laugh,its surprising what two sisters get up to lol.Hope the tan lasts and it was worth it,good for you girl,go for it x


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