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severe vitamin D defficiancy


I have just had a call from my doctor to tell me my vitamin D is on the floor.

Of coarse I then did what we all do and googld it,

Well I can`t believe what I`ve read,it can cause chronic fatigue and even fibro.

Muscle and bone pain and general aches and pains.

I was having my yearly thyroid test and just out of curiosity asked for vit D and Vit B12 to be checked.

I eat a good diet,things that contain vit d as I can`t sit in the sun without factor 50 as I blister.So don`t get natural vitamin d.

Just thought this might be of interest to you all,and it`s a cheap test for your doctor to do.

Love and hugs butterfly

P>S if you have had this problem and were treated for it.I would love to know how you got on.xxxxxxx

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That's really interesting. Can't wait to see if anyone is finding it useful to take a supplement.

Hi glo,it really is best to get the blood test done if you are like me and have to avoid all this glorious sunshine.

I also have Sjogrens which has chronic fatigue as a symptom,so what with fibro,sjogrens and now vit d it`s no wonder I have hardly been out of my pit.

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxx

HI butterfly,

I found out i my vit d level was only 15 a couple of months ago. I have been taking vitd and calcium tablets since then and i dont feel any better for it. I never used to beable to sit in the sun but i catually managed it this weekend. I actually have a tan even on my legs lol.

I do hope your tablets help though.

hugs, kel xxxx

Butterfly54 in reply to jazher

were you on prescriptoin drugs Kel.

I think I am pinning to much hope on them maybe,as I`m now dealing wiith 3 things that cause chronis fatigue.

I find that and the general weakness the most over powering symptom.

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend I saw your blog,try and do it more hun it`s so good for you and for depression.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxx

jazher in reply to Butterfly54

Yeah hun, they were on prescription jayne,

When i said to my gp that they might make me feel better, she said to me dont get your hopes up, so i think i should of listened to her lol.

The fatigue is the killer for me, i cant do anything when that kicks in but it has been good for a few days now, maybe even a week.

I am just so tired today so i think its catching up with me.

I have thyroid problems too along with ME so i dont think anything can take the fatigue away fully.

I do hope they help you tho, hugs, kel xxxx

May be speaking too soon but I have been on high dosage vit d for a few weeks and there is no doubt that I am having less pain. But no difference to the fatigue though.

Hi, i had an app with my gp last week

asked her about vit d, she had'nt heard

anything about fm sufferers lacking in it

but said she found it interesting and would

read up on it.

She also said that people with fair skin

very rarely lack in vit d and it is more

likely people like herself who is darker

skined who need the vit d suppliment.

i found this quite interesting, can anyone

else add to this?

anne xx :)

Butterfly54 in reply to annemcc

Hi annemcc,it`s not always that people with fibro have vit d deficieny,but being deficient can cause fibro or fibro like syptoms.

If you read up on it you will get the explanation as to why darker skined people are more prone to it.I`m no good at doing links so cant help there.

I actually have been thinking the more I read on here that I don`t hve fibro.I do have sjogrens and that has some of the symptoms of fibro,but it is an auto immune syndrome which causes inflamation,where as fibro does`nt.

Reading about it,it has made me think that when we see our g.p`s in the begining,a simple test for vit d deficieny should be done.

The reason a lot of people are now deficient is that we have been told to slip,slapand slop on the sun factor.Where really we need to have at least 1/2 an hours sun before covering up.Even with a low factor it stops us absorbing natural D by a drastic ammount.

I blister in the sun so avoid as much as poss or use factor 50.Hence my problem,although I have always tried to make up for it with my diet.

Love and Hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the simpler things that should be checked for during the diagnostic process and again during any flares (particularly in winter/spring) but rarely is checked for.

cxs957 in reply to annemcc

I thought it was people will fair skin who lacked in vit D as i'm really pale and assumed thats why... lol.

hi i am fair skinned have fibro vit d deficiency and thyriod problems. It is very common with fibro pts but is getting more common with children, new guidelines say we should get thirty minutes in the sun before putting sun block on. take your meds as when you are older you will end up being diagnosed with brittle bones and broken hips x

Hi glochessum and welcome, as I haven't seen you before,

Funnily enough, my GP told me the day before yesteday that my vitD was low..

Like you I went home and googled it. Below are two links, one to the Fibro Action Main site, a wealth of info and a link to a US blog, that contains a lot of really useful info on, skin types, how much sun you need, foods that help and supplements. Worth a look anyway.

hope they help

happy hugs, kate :)

* yesterday

I had a blood test about four months ago and my Dr phoned and told me to pick up a prescription he had done for me because i too was extremely low in Vit D.

I have to take 3 slow release capsules once a week for 12 weeks then have my blood test done again. I have just taken the 11th dose this morning.

I musy admit i have been feeling a bit better for the last few days but thought it was just having the sun out - it always makes me feel more up.

I will let u know how my next blood test goes.

hi my consultant done blood test on me and everyone who has fibro has a very low vitamin d. my doctor give me ad-cal which i take 2 times a day for life. i told my friend and her doctor has also put her on vitamin d. so please all get tested for vitamin d.

gentle hugs rosylyn xx

Butterfly54 in reply to rosylyn

Hi roslyn,I`ve been given ad-cal quite yummy arne`t they.

My g.p also said I would have them for life now as I do have a thing about breaking toe`s and fingers,how I didn`t break something major easter sunday when I fell down 7 steps I will never know.

I did have a bone density scan back in the early 90`s and was told I had the bones of a woman twice my age.I was 35 at the time,but no one followed up on it.

So maybe my next step is a scan again.

Would be interested to know how you start to feel on them.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

hi butterfly54, i have been on ad-cal for over a year nail the things i noticed was my body hair has started to come back Grr not happy as i have to shave my legs and under arms. also my hair has started to grow again it was getting thin on top also lost loads of hair it just fell out. also my nails are growing and i can use nail polish again every one at our support group asked if they are false. i also am asthmatic and always get a chest infection when i get flu this year had a bad cough but no chest infection so vitamin d must be working . i have never had any scan's but had a x-ray on my knees and it just gave way all the time it showed i have oa so that's not good also have inflammatory arthritis. i have had a few bad fall's luckily i never broke anything.hope you recover soon from fall. love and gentle hugs rosylyn. [:))]xxx

Butterfly54 in reply to rosylyn

Thanks for that roslyn,my hair has been coming out in handfuls and my nails are a mess,so got something to look forward to.

My main hope is it will help the fatigue some,but I reckon I`m banging my head against a brick wall on that one.

I have sjogrens on top of all the osteo arthritis and everything else.

And that causes chronic fatigue,so don`t hold out much hope.

Anyway I will look forward to keeping my hair and nice nails LOL

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx


Its a fact that people with our conditions do not absorb the vitamins like a normal healthy person .

My consultant told me this 22 yrs ago , he sent to a Lady in Southend called Erica White , i spent over £300 ,but i found i couldn't take all of them , they made me be sick , so since then iv been finding out other vitamins that are the Super Vitamins .i can say i Deff feel better an when i don't take them , im ill in bed , can't move so much pain.

Jacqui xx

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