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Vitamin D deficiency


Hi everyone,

Since having this bad flare that I'm stuck in at the moment I've been doing some research. When I saw doc last week she wanted to do some blood tests, I asked her about vitamin D when I was there. She said she would test for that too. Just had a call from her saying that my vit D is really low and she is prescribing tablets for a couple of months to see if that helps.

Do anyone else have vit D deficiency? Have tablets helped?


Becky xxxx

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Yes to both questions. x

Yes, and I take calcium tablets fortified with vitamin D Xx

Hi beckyglen

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Both my wife and I have low vitamin D and take a supplement. I think modern living restricts our exposure to sunlight as we are in doors most of the time and when we do go out we are encouraged to slap sun screen allover ourselves!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Yes and no to your question also calcium low so got to have blood tests every 4 weeks for that and every 6 months for the vit d I am sure many of us feel as though the drs or hospital is are second home

Vitamin d capsules from doctor have been amazing, I always felt so much better after sun beds and when on holiday so it was obvious. No one picked up on it but I'm so happy they have now I'm not free from pain but I feel brighter x

I moved to Malta. Sunshine most days and it is helping. Most people in UK are vit D deficient, or so my dentist told me.

Yes, just had mine tested for the third time. They're still low but moving in the right direction. Alas, the supplements prescribed by the doctor made me constipated so I take some from the health shop instead and try and get the sun as much as I can (I know a bit of a joke in this country!)

Yes I do as well and feel much better on the supplements.

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