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Vitamin D


Hi everybody i hope you've all had a good day or at least as good as it can be, I'm hoping someone can give me advice on vitamin D and what would be a safe daily amount to take hugs xx

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I would suggest you find out if you are deficient before taking supplements, many of us have been found to be low on Vitamin D, do get checked out first xx

rosie-2015 in reply to lou1063

Hi lou 1063 it was the doctor that suggested it because I'm hardly ever out unless its gp dentist hopital etc and winter is nearly here and i'll be out even less xx

lou1063 in reply to rosie-2015

In that case I think D3 is the best to go for, mine is low due to other reasons, I did read on here that B12 is also good to take, I must stress that I'm not medically trained. All best wishes xx

rosie-2015 in reply to lou1063

Thanks lou 1063 i appreciate it x

fibrofran in reply to rosie-2015

Have you had a test done? Or.has he just suggested this based on you explaining you difficulties getting out and about. It really does depend of an insufficiency or difficiancy. Insufficiency isn't a a bad and in some slightly insufficient cases standing in the garden every day for 10 minutes for 7 days can up the vit D. I'm not at all suggesting that this is what you need as when it's difficiancy like me you will be put on a high dose of vitamin D over a period of a few months followed by a short period of low dose until you no longer need anymore or unlike me need to take them.everyday for the rest of your life as 10 minutes in the sun takes about a month for me to reach.. hopefully that will all change when I move thus week :) I'm only giving examples of why it is important to get tested now winter is coming up. Usually a normal healthy working individual will get enough vit D in the summer to take them through winter so if you have a insufficiency or difficiancy you will start getting very ill very quick as you may total zero sun light through the whole of winter if you struggle getting out. I'm. Not sure at what doses health shops sell them at but I get 800 off the Dr to take daily. So I would deffo suggest doing a test that you can ask the receptionist for as it i standard test just need to write vitamin D in the lower right hand box. Hope this helps x

fibrofran in reply to fibrofran

Also depending on symptoms your calcium can be effected aswel and this would require a different vitamin D substitute thingy sorry complete fibro fog cannot get the right wor it's hiding in plane sight but I hope you get the jist lol sorry ... x

hi a take vitamin D I take 1 daily I asked my dr how much the would like me to take vitamin d3 25 Holland and Barrett yellow bottle x

Thanks hoosa x

I asked to have my blood taken and I was insufficient not enough oily fish r fish are sunlight so even thou it's not a single on prescription was told to take it every day which I do and found a difference in doing so so good luck xx

rosie-2015 in reply to hoosa

Thanks hoosa i eat a lot of tuna and i'm looking into other vitamin sources thanks again x

Sean2375 in reply to rosie-2015

For Omega 3 eat Salmon, tinned is best. Tuna loses its Omega 3 during the canning process. Though in my opinion tuna tastes nicer.

rosie-2015 in reply to Sean2375

Thanks sean2375 I'm going to try some other tinned fish i was even thinking of getting one of these lamps that they use for SAD thanks again x

hi Rosie, I watched a program on eating healthily the other night. It recommended everybody eat at least two portions of fish per week and tests showed that all tinned fish was just as good for you as frozen fish - EXCEPT Tuna which was proven to lose all its nutrients in the canning process.

Same program also advised that those of us cooking with Olive Oil as poisoning ourselves with carcinogens - Olive Oil is only good in dressings or as a dip with balsamic and bread.

Rapeseed is the best for cooking, has the lowest saturated fat and is also MUCH cheaper.

I was gobsmacked as I always use olive oil.

This program also showed that if you use oven chips - Tesco's own are the best tasting and have less additives.

Just a piece of useless information i thought I would share :-)

Cod liver oil capsules are a good source of essential Omega oils xx

oops I meant as good as fresh x

Thanks landslider i think I'll try the capsules x

Mackerel tin sardines etc x

landslider in reply to hoosa

The above program proved that Mackerel and Sardines are super good for you - better than Tuna and Salmon x

rosie-2015 in reply to hoosa

Thanks hoosa I'll try them both x

I would suggest you talk with your doctor. Mine was extremely low so I am on prescription strength 50,000 once a week.

Thanks regnofibro 1 my gp said i would just need a supplement. There has been a lot of good advice given that's one of the reasons i love this forum. Xx

The above programme landslides mentioned was 'eat well for less', should be available on iPlayer.

landslider in reply to Sean2375

Thanks Sean

Blummin Fibro - I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called and only watched it the other night!!

Was completely shocked about the Olive Oil which is why I remembered that bit xx

Sean2375 in reply to landslider

We were shocked about the olive oil as well, but upset about the tuna as well, as I really am not a fan of fish though it is one of the few I do enjoy.

I am glad I don't have to much fibrofog at the moment so I could remember it.

landslider in reply to Sean2375

hahaha lucky you - i can often remember content but very rarely names - drives me bonkers lol

Frozen Tuna is okay - I believe it is something in the canning process that destroys the nutrients. Fresh is better but expensive xx

Yeah that is what they said! Can't afford fresh tuna! Lol!

landslider in reply to Sean2375

I am so glad I don't have that worry as I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. Get most of my goodness from chickpeas, kidney beans, and other pulses - as well as whatever veg is on offer in the shops ;-)

I also use quorn which is a good source of protein ;-)

Unfortunately I am too much of an unrepentant meat eater! Though I am like Rosie in that I need to increase my Vitamin D levels, as despite me being out and about a lot they are low, the rheumatologist wasn't sure why.

I have the Accrete D3 as part of my Osteoporosis treatments, so it is a low maintenance dose. I have pasted you this excerpt form the Vitamin D Council so I hope that this is useful to you:

*Although most people take vitamin D supplements without any problems, it’s possible to take too much. This is called vitamin D toxicity. Vitamin D toxicity, where vitamin D can be harmful, usually happens if you take 40,000 IU per day for a couple of months or longer, or take a very large one-time dose.

Vitamin D is fat-soluble, which means your body has a hard time getting rid of it if you take too much. When you take large amounts of vitamin D, your liver produces too much of a chemical called 25(OH)D.

When your 25(OH)D levels are too high, this can cause high levels of calcium to develop in your blood. High blood calcium is a condition called hypercalcemia.

*Excerpt From The Vitamin D Council.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your supplement.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Thanks ken i appreciate all the help I've received from the forum at the moment I'm taking centrum 60+ i hope that and my diet are enough x rosie

I was discovered to be deficient after a rheumatologist thought I might be coeliac. Since adhering to a gluten free diet I don't have as much of an issue. I was already on adcal which has vit D in it. But when deficient it definitely makes joint pain worse. At the moment I still take the supplement

rosie-2015 in reply to ailsamary

Thanks ailsamary i just have a mild deficiency in vitamin d I've got centrum over 50+ it's a multivitamin and I'm hoping that helps rosie xx

hi rosie i take vitamin D 20micrograms a day i had blood tests taken at the doctors and was very low on it its good for your bones and general health so its definatley worth asking about hope youve had a good day too xx

Hi dawn thanks for getting back to me I've started taking centrum over60s it has all the main vitamins in them.I've also joined another group on this site it helps you to work out a healthy diet and you have a weigh in on a monday lol it's not compulsory i feel it will give me more incentive. I hope you've had a good day and have a good sleep rosie xx

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