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Vitamin D?


I recently went to see my lovely doctor and he gave me blood test for Vitamin D deficiency. Came back that I sure was deficient. He assured me it would make me feel a little better. And it has...

has anyone else had this test?

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yes, Im on calcium and vit d

Hi - no test yet but my Doc has recommended I take Vit D and Calcuim & Magnesium supplements. Blood tests in 2 weeks for deficiency and Metabolic Syndrome.

Hi Lindz.

If you look on the Main Fibro Action site you will find information about this.

Here is the link

hope that helps

happy hugs, kate :)

Yes I had this and it did help, though I did still have Fibro.

It is one of the tests that should always be done before a Fibro diagnosis is confirmed, or when appropriate if symptoms are worsening or uncontrolled, but often isn't.

Morning , yes i have both of these ,thay helped for a bit be it didnt last long @ all :( x

Effects are wearing off very quickly - I am finding it so hard to actually REMEMBER to take the darn things, and also not to take my thyroxine tablet within 4 hr time span of them. lol

jazher in reply to Lindz

I forget too lindz. I only got mine last month and i alwayts forget even though they are ontop of my microwave and i walk past them umpteen times aday. Like you i take thyroxine too, so when i remeber at night i cant take them because of them lol. xxxx

I just asked the doctor for Vit D test - he refused, said ti was a waste of time , if I wanted Vit D I could go out and buy some from the chemists

It is if you're diet is healthy and balanced BUT. I thought mine was, turned out I was deficient despite working and playing outdoors. It was one of the investigations in the early days and eliminated as a cause of the pain. capsules are relatively cheap and a supermarket has a 3 for 2 regularly. I'm wary the people that push supplements usually sell them. . . RDA is apparently not really agreed upon but I suppose smallish doses may be harmless considering my treatment was 2000x RDA for 12 weeks! after that my GP said I'd now be ok. .


Hi there :)

Yes to see if it was that which was causing my problems, well at least some of them. It delayed my fibro diagnosis by approx 6 months when I told the GP there hadn't really been much change apart from nails getting stronger. My level was low because I'm stuck inside and then when outside I need to hide from the sun :o I do believe they help me a wee bit ;) Got told at vit deficiency diagnosis I was now life-long on vit D supplements.

Healing fluffies for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Aaarrrrrrrghhhhh!!! caught out again!! this post is 2 years old and I didn't realise :o Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Need new specs already :D

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me too - :-)

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Tried to get this test doctor not forth coming I will try again as I am inneed xx

Blame Mrs S. She started it!

Do you get sun up there Gins? :P :P

I refer you to my previous answer.. :)

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