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Vitamin D Deficiency

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency ...

(I had blood tests done last week)

Doctor confirmed this yesterday... my level of this vitamin D was 19..


Now I read somewhere yesterday,that Vitamin D deficiency can be diagnosed "Sometimes".. mistakenly as/for Fibromyalgia...

" Has anyone else heard/or read about Fibro sufferers also suffering from Vitamin D deficiency" ....??

If one looks up Vitamin D Deficiency on the NHS UK webb site one can read the Symptoms of it match nearly all the Symptoms of Fibro...

My diagnoses for Fibro and Osteoarthritis was in 2012...

Plus I have COPD ( Emphysema) ...

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Most winters we get D deficiency in quarterly blood tests. Having test Tuesday to see if down again.


I too have a vitamin D deficiency, but I still have all my usual symptoms and habe been flaring significantly recently, I habe been taking supplements of 5000 i.u every day,as told to by my docs, for months. I think if it was the vitamin D it would certainly have improved by now. Hopefully you will experience at least some relief of symptoms if you take supplements, and if you don't it is still necessary to help our bodies get what it needs so we can find something that does relieve symptoms.


I am on a high dose of vitamin D, and am checked regularly, deficiency does seem to go hand in hand with fibromyalgia but is not the cause xx

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We live in England most of us have some vitamins D deficiency the doctors are prescribing vitamins D as a matter of course in some areas as long as you take the supliments you ll be ok but most people don't know they re deficient think it's cos of the fatigue we get tested xxxxx


I have vitamin D deficiency too not just in winter though. I am taking my supplements from the GP all the time xx


Yes, when I first started feeling ill I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency - level of 15 and given vitamin D3 high dosage tablets (they were so high I thought it was a mistake!). I foolishly thought at the time that this would be the end of it and I would be better... I do think there is definitely a link with Vit D deficiency and the start of fibromyalgia as well as other conditions such as RA, lupus etc. I still take vid D supplements as I think living in the north of the country and getting no sun throughout the winter I must be deficient (my doc told me that if it were up to her she'd hand them out like sweets) and it does help a little with the fatigue, but not the pain. Hope you get sorted x


The reliability of diagnosing a lack ( - or "deficiency" ) of "vitamin D"*** ( - actually a misnamed as a 'vitamin' in 1928, . . . . and still not corrected widely enough) from ONE type of blood test ( - as is the UK practice) may well be questionable ( - to say the least !).

There may NOT be sufficient information to assess what the lab result means by measuring the level of just ONE metabolite. This is hardly recognised by UK clinicians, in spite being written about at great length during the past TWO decades !

Further introductory info is easily found by searching for: "Fearless Parent Nov 2014 Vitamin D" ( - where the lengthy comments section prob. does NOT help, in this open article). For those who are fortunate enough to have curious ( - although busy) GPs and consultants, it may be worth bringing this article to their attention, for the greater good.

For convenience: fearlessparent.org/supplementing-low-vitamin-d-not-so-fast/ - I have yet to see a SOUND scientific critique of the biochemistry this introduces, focussing on TWO metabolites of "vitamin D" and their RELATIVE amounts. (Will be grateful to have a pointers to such a critique, . . . . . IF indeed it actually exists).

Those supplementing with "vitamin D" may wish to consider this viewpoint in more detail, whether taking relatively large doses or not. This is NO simple matter of a harmless "vitamin" - says the KNOWN science. Supplementation may well also override the normal biological mechanisms to keep the active molecule, the calcitriol, in the range the body would like it. Most is produced within the body, and does not come from diet.

PS: *** - "vitamin D" is actually said to be a secosteroid, which was misnamed a vitamin in 1928 - and the body produces it easily in the right conditions. This, as such does, and has been reported to have effects on the immune system, which require careful medical consideration, especially in the case of chronic illnesses. The metabolite usually measured ( - calcidiol) could well be "low" BECAUSE of the illness process, rather than CAUSING it ! ! !


Thank you all for your info...


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