ooooouuuucccchhhhhh !

hello to everyone ,we all seem to be suffering at the mo dont we

i know iam ,back on the strong pain killers again ,the fatigue is really bad at mo , :( worst its ever been .

everytime i get a flare now its seems to be worse and last longer than the last one ,

my husband bless him said to me this morning ," i used to worry what you would be like when you got in your fifties ,now im worrying what you will be like in the next two yrs "

i hadnt realised that he worried so much ,or even noticed ,

what must i look like to him ?

i think my mask has slipped lol

maybe it just needs adjusting :)

anyway sending lots of love the most gentle hugs to all of you especially all of you suffering today xxxxxxxxxxxxx :-D

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  • i find each flare up is worse than the previuos, lasts longer than the previous and when it calms down, im never as "good" as i was before the flare up!!!

    its hell!!

    glad he supports and notices/helps, must be reassuring that hes there for you xx

    gentle hugs from one flare up sufferer to another xxxxxxx

  • Morning lynz,

    I too find it harder everyyear, it just seems to get worse and harder to deal with flares. I annoys me most, i get so frustrated.

    I hope this one goes soon for you hun.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • thanks kel and nadine :)

    isnt fibro not supposed to be progresive or is that the wrong word ?

    i think you know what i mean , i know what i meen lol

    hugs to two too :) xxxx

  • well the day has got worse for me ,having a really negative and down time of at mo ,my emotions are all over the place ,begining to feel like i smell lol

    i shall sighn off for a few days untill im up to reading /blogging again ,thanks guys for your comments ,meens alot tc kel and nadine xxxx

  • sometimes the emotional rollercoaster is as hard to deal with as the physical symptoms!!!

    love and hugs to you hun xxxx

  • ps you dont smell lol xxxxx

  • lol you were the only one that noticed i put that ,hugs to you too hun xxx

  • lol yeah my mask is struggling to stay on today super glue needed lol love diddle x

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