Painful aching hands

Hi have been ready all your posts and was encouraged by them to join the community I have been suffering with aching throbbing hands and wrists for  some good few months now and the pain in my neck and shoulders gives me such a problem that I can't even get comfortable to sit and watch tv even typing this message is making my hands ache all I was advised by the doctor was to take pain killers and do exercise I didn't really comprehend what fibromyalgia was or its conditions I have learned more from you guys and your comments on here and although is sad that we are all suffering I am glad I am not alone and I am glad to be part of this community

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  • Hi and welcome to our friendly site, you will find lots of help and support on here just join in, take care

  • Hi and welcome to our forum.We are here for help and like to throw a little laughter in the mix as well.Good luck.Peck☺

  • Hi Trina...I have painful hands while i sleep. It is difficult for me to even pull blankets up over me. Its awful. I also have trigger finger in my middle finger in my right hand.  I drop things all the time. Ugh! Havent found a solution for this one yet. 

    I was taking turmeric everyday, and ran out. I am planning to buy more this weekend in hopes of helping these problems. 

    Feel better!

  • Hi Natura thanks for your reply ,have you had fibro long and have you tried any other treatments has the turmeric been helping at all ,I am sorry to hear you are suffering so badly I just feel so tired I wake up tired 

    Take care of yourself

  • Trina...i was on turmeric months ago. Stopped taking as i have read that low dose is safe up to 8 months. Herbs are powerful and have to be used with caution. As always, if you are on meds, talk to your dr. First. I just read that turmeric helps with ulcerative colitis, anti inflammatory, high cholesterol, alzheimers, gallstones. But  to beware of kidneys and liver. I have scarred kidneys, and i believe i backed off for awhile because i felt like it was hurting me. I cannot take bromelain which is a very effective anti inflammatory, because it hurt me because of my bad kidneys. 

    Such a difficult time caring for oneself. 

    I still use my formula 303 from my chiro. It is a natural relaxant with valerian root, passiflora, and magnesium carbonate. I find I have no side effects, and it helps me tremendously. The chiro said a lot of people with fibro in his office take it and find it very helpful.

     Maybe you can talk to a chiro in your area and find something like it. It helps when i have terrible tension in my neck and back of shoulders and just tightness all over. I am not sure if it helps my hands because i ran out and just got some more yesterday. I hadnt taken for awhile. 

    I also have used passionflower for anxiety, and have had no problems with. So, i trust this formula. 

  • Hi Trina61

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Welcome to our friendly community I am pleased that reading our posts makes you feel less alone as fibro is so complex it can be a lonely business.  Yes painful hands affect everything we do as I too have them and some days it can send you up the proverbial wall.  Look forward to your future posts.x

  • Morning Welcome do come on in,  take a seat  sit on the floor!   It is one of the most helpful places I have ever found.

    We are all in the same boat it is just some of us row harder than the others. 

    Well  you take a good look around  we do have some regulations-  nothing too scarey but they are for our protection so do read all that is on the right hand side  no not all  just the bits about what to put on a page and to avoid.  No religion it is not the time or place,  no swearing   who needs to swear..........  after all  fibre hardly ever makes us aggravated does it  :)

    PM me any time if I can help I will or tell you who can!!!

    Lovely sunny morning today and it is Pirate day at Brigham  a hoy there me hearties!!


    Volunteer Admin 

  • Hi and welcome, yes have all this too,been told to open and shut hands and fingers, as if you are squeezing somthing, but some day too swollen to do. My neck and shoulders are always in pain, also lower back. As you say you have learnt more on here, me too, they are a great bunch and very helpful, and friendly. Hope you are not to bad today. Take care .x

  • Welcome glad to have you join us. If you ever have a question  this the place to give you info or help you find things to help. Sometimes with fibro I thing everything and every place on me hurts even my hair. Lol 

    take care and keep holding your head up we are all here to help each other make it over each hurdle that comes our way.

  • Hi, it's lovely to meet you. I hope this forum will help you live with fibro. I too have neck and shoulder pain and my hands are in pain 24/7. I attend a chiropractor for my neck this helps me keep my mobility and stop pins and needles in my hands. I also take magnesium supplements along with medication from my GP. Pacing yourself when carrying out activities is important,too keep yourself moving but not overwhelmed.

    Take care of yourself.

  • Hi and morning a big thank you to you all for your welcoming comments,l forgot to mention that the doctor gave me a low dose of amityipyline which I haven't started yet. as I am a little worried about the side effects as I don't do well with meds and I am on enough Meds already do they really help 

    Take care have a good holiday weekend hopefully with a bit less pain

  • Welcome to the madhouse! You will soon get used to us all. You will definitely get lots of help and suggestions as we all suffer from Fibro so we know just what you're going through. Whether you need advice or just a good old moan this is the place to be 🐸

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear of your suffering.

    I've not been on site long myself, it's been a great help and support!

    Everyone's so nice and helpful, I'm sure you'll be glad you joined and get loads of good advice.

    You can get treatment on nhs for this although you do have to see a consultant. There's an nhs web page on Fibro. I'd go back to your dr and tell them you want to see someone. No one should live in pain without help from someone who understands.

    It's frustrating, but we just have to keep going back and trying meds until something helps 👍😊

    I use aspirin (as allergic to opiates and meds  I've been given to try), hot and cold treatment, gentle massage, Volterol gel and hemp tablets, multi vits. Hemp tabs supposed to have chemicals in that are in marijuana, (which is legal in some countries to treat this, but not ours) I think it helps me relax a bit more. Relaxing is what the occupational therapists say helps.

    The pain I have in my fingers, toes and back/shoulders/neck is constant, it is bearable,  until it flares up really badly. This happens regularly and if I over do things.

    I hope this helps and you don't feel so alone. I'm sure others will give you lots more suggestions.

    Good luck with your health and let's hope they find a cure soon!

    Take care and best wishes.

  • Hello Trina61, ,,sorry to hear about your aching hands,,,there are support gloves that are said to help with this problem,,,are you hunched over while you are typing,,,and this will then make your shoulders and neck ache,,,,your keyboard needs to be atleast table height, and then sit back into your chair,,,I have to keep taking short stops,,and keep warming my hands, by putting them under the opposite armpits,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hi Karen thank you for your helpful advice I will consider all options to try and relieve the pain, although it's sad it's also a comfort to know I am not suffering alone , take care and try and have a pain free weekend 

  • Hello and welcome . I have those problems with my hands and wrists too and I get shooting pains up my wrists. I have a really strange thing happens , if I need a wee and I don't go when I need too , when I do go it hurts my wrists so bad I have to hold them to stop the pain . The dr has no idea what's causing it , it's a mystery . I think you need to rest your wrists etc for a while and get some wrist and hand supports . I know how bad it is with neck and shoulders , I have a neck collar which I got off my doctor and it just gives your neck a rest . Hope you feel better soon , I find pain killers every four hours when it's bad and I use a pain cream on my body too . Hope this helps . 😇

  • Hi thank you for your kind support and advice what pain killers do you take if you don't mind me asking take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend

  • Hi there , I have dhydracodiene which is an opiate and on high dose of co-codamol amytriptlene and  carbamazepine , all sorts of stuff for my other things that are wrong in all I have 18 different prescriptions a month . I have had fibromyalgia a long time , mine started when I was a child of 11-12 years old . I hope you are feeling better today , I'm so tired out I'm still resting in bed , I over did it yesterday ,still I enjoyed it . Have a good weekend x😇

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