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hello everyone :) its very quiet on here lol

hello everyone :) its very quiet on here lol

ive had a relatively pain free day today :)

i think im the only one at the mo :( really feel for all you out there that are suffering so much ,really want to send lots of love and really gentle hugs :-D

its been busy ,busy today for me ,

went and picked my mum up to bring her to the mad house for a couple of hours lol

then was told i had to get hair dye for my eldest or she wasnt going to school on monday ,cause she would look awful . yeah ofcourse you would lol

so lots of money later and one mummy /nanny taken home i went and purchesed THREE hair dyes my daughter has such long hair it take 3 !

so after dinner i set apon doing the hair dye ,which is the most laborious task ever lol it takes forever !

then gave my other daughter a hair cut ,and while i was doing this my 2 yr old got into the toilet cause my 6 yr old didnt lock it ,(we have a lock on the outside to stop the little terror getting )

we heard a cry .went running through and he had gotten on the toilet and fell through and all you could see was little arms and legs waving ,and bless him he was trying to use the toilet roll on the holder to pull himself out but obviously every time he pulled, more toilet roll came with it lol :)

there was toilet roll everywere lol

but after a bath he was ok :)

night night to every one lots of love and gentle gentle hugs xxxxx

p.s this me last summer with my two gorgeous daughters :)

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i find i have to keep busy (if i can that is lol )

and yes i can laugh about it now but the other day i was so poorly ,and when the nhs direct lady called an ambulance i was gob smacked lol and it was a yucky day as my 6 yr old would say lol

night night chris

sweat dreams xxx


Hi Lynz :)

I'm worn out reading that! Love your profile pic with your girls.

I've been nodding off on the sofa so think I'll go to bed now too.

Sleep well, catch up tomorrow.

Hugs Sue xxxxxx


hi sue :)

you sleep well too ,

night night ,god bless and sweat dreams (thats what my mum used to say :) )

speak tomorrow xxxxxxx


It is quite tonight lynz,

Your daughters are very beautiful they just look like their mam. :)

What a day you have had, i have done nothing lol, i was on here for 4 hours this morning, its been a bad influence again lol.

I can just imagine your little one and all that toilet roll, it made me laugh bless him.

Glad you have a good day and i hope tomorrow will be the same. :)

hugs, kel xxx


thank you kel :-D

poor karl if i was cruel i could of got the camera and videoed it and made 250 quid on youve been framed lol

and yes it can be a very bad influence when you get on here lol :)

night to you kel hugs xxx


Hi Lynz

I agree beautiful picture. Glad you had a good day. :)

I went shop, and rested until about 5 and then after tidying up briefly just sat and caught up with my recorded programs so not too bad a day for me either.

Im like you though when i have a relatively pain free day i do tend to do a lot but i suffer so much for days after i am slowly learnng to pace myself a bit.

Gonna play a comp game for hour give meds a chance to kick in then bed, so nite nite to you and everyone else. xx


thank you kialaya :) glad you had a good day too :)

thats the trouble with us lot we do too much on the good days

its trying to get that happy medium isnt it :)

night night to you too xxxxx


lol how funny your day was and what a lovely pic o you and your daughters which one is you ? you look too young lol glad you seem so happy at min and dare i say normal in a nice way i do hope this good spell carries on for you love to you diddle x


thank you diddle ,all these complements and my head wont fit through the door soon lol

i hope it does too ,but the thing is with fibro you have to stop yourself worrying whats lurking round the corner lol


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