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Good morning everyone. Last week I put on a post about my brothers accident 5 yrs ago which has left him disabled from the neck down & his wife left him. My Mum & I have said we will look after him.

I am very ashamed to say his house is/was very dirty.

Anyway, my Mum, Dad, Aunt & a cousin have all been in from the wknd getting it all cleaned up. They went behind my back & did not tell me they where doing it because they felt it would be too much for me. To be honest I am now really glad they did. I dont know if its been the stress of worrying about it but I now have the worst fatigue I have ever had.

I had to go to bed on Sunday as I felt so tired & its now Wednesday & I am still here. I can honestly sware on my sons life I have never had such tiredness like this in my life. I am worried now because I have said that I would do my share of looking after my Brother Thurs - Sunday. All I have to do is shave him, get him his breakfast, give him his tablets & leave him with a drink until 1.30 tgen make his lunch, careres come in again in the afternoon to check on his urinary & colostomy bag. I would then make him dinner & sit until carers come back to put him into bed at 8lm & thats the day over.

However, I dont know if its the worrying about him has brought this on or not

I have never felt so tired in all my life, I am sleeping & wakening over & over again. I cant even get up to cook myself dinner. I am just living on Toasrva diluted juice. I know I have to eat & drink & thats the best I can do. Its Wednesday & I feel no better. I know if I tell my Mum she will sayvshe will do it.

I am worried that this will linger on as I have never felt tiredness like it in all my life. I have bedn trying to do this post from 8ish this morning & its now 10.15am.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help wake me up & give me energy. I am finding it hard to make it to bathroom & kitchen.

Many thanks


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Hi Jac. Do you think your meds maybe contributing to you tiredness. I am wondering if you have a bug or something ontop of the fibro as that can be very very debilitating.

I you need to ring your doctor and get a home visit ASAP and explain to your mum how you are feeling, I am sure she will look after your brother until you feel able to.

You need to get yourself better and then you can care for your brother. If you don't see a doctor you are going to get weaker and weaker. Please please ring the doctors now.

Hugs xxxxx


Yes I can ring the surgery between 12.15 & 12.45 before Docs go out on home visits.

I was only diagnosed with Fibro in Feb this year after going from hsp appointneny & Doc on numerous occassions. I'm just unsure if this is a another fibro symptom showing its first outing so to speak.

A number of years ago I did have an extreme tiredness & my lips & hands turned blue. I forget the name it was given & I had to have an injection once a month. I also dont remember why they stopped?

Thank you for your advice & I will ring the surgery.

Luv & Hugs



Hi Jackie. How did you get on? I hope they have been and sorted you out. You can't go on like that my love.

Also I hope you have told your mum and let her take over until you are able. Have you thought of helping your brother (once you are well enough) every other day? That way you have a chance to recover I between.

Hugs xxxx


Hi Pinkpig (feel awful calling you a pig)

I rang the surgery but could'nt get to speak to my own Dr as she is on holiday & will be back on Monday. I spoke to another lady Dr who was very nice. She asked if I could come up to the surgery at anytime at all & just ask to see the Nurse to have blood taken, shevsaid she would put a note on my screen for the Nurse to see. Nurse is available from 10am - 4pm every day. When they get results back they will send for me to come up for a chat. She saud if something shows up in my blood well & good they can take it from there but if not it would be a process of elimination. I'm not to worry & rest when I can.

My Mum called to see me & is not long away. She told me not to worry that her, my Aunt & my cousin have got the place in order. My brother is wanting her to take him shoping for funiture & bits n pieces tomorrow. God luv her she told me to stay in bed & rest as long as needed & she will make a point of taking me to Drs Mon or Tues. I feel awful as my Mum will be 70 in March coming.

Whilst the weather stays mild my brother will come up to her house which is only 5 mins away for his breakfast etc & will stay their permitting he does'nt take sick or get an infection which he's prone to. He will have lunch & dinner there all day until 7.45pm when he will go home for the carers arriving around 8 to get him undressed & back into bed.

So hopefully thats all stress &'pressure removed from me & I can get sorted out & start taking my turn untl Health Service come up with something suitable in the caring of him.

Thank youbso much for checking up on me.

Luv & Hugs



Don't worry about the name. I love pink and collect pigs, I think they are amazing animals. The 99 comes from trying to get a name on eBay and that is what I ended up with :-)

There you go, I thought your family would come good. Sounds like a great plan and your mum will love having your brother around. I can understand why he must be so bitter and down, what a tragic accident. Sorry but he is probably better off without his wife, she sounds horrible not supporting him. You can't blame him having a bad attitude can you??

Glad you are feeling more up beat. I am in France this week and am off for a nice walk by the Somme River with hubby and dog before some wine, cheese and later on my meds ;-)

Take care and chin up xxxxxxxx


Aww thank you for taking time to notice me from your holidays.

Enjoy your walk & lovely weather.

Yes my Mum is glad his wife has gone because now he will live jn a clean home with nutricious food. Maybe he wont be as sick or have infections as often. My Mum has worked in the Medical field all her life & can somtimes be too over the top with her cleanliness. Nothing wrong in that, it has rubbed of on me. I like my house to be clean at all times & would'nt be ashamed of anyone coming in.

Have a good holiday & I will keep you updated.

Luv & Hugs



I hope you manage to have blood tests etc when you see your GP Jackie, it must be a very worrying time for you. I had the same symptoms you describe and ended up being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, of course you may be different and it may be the fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia. There are so many overlaps between the two conditions.

I hope it all works out for your brother, you obviously care for him deeply which is lovely to read. It's lovely to hear about your Mum and your family too.

Take care Jackie, hope it all goes well for you at the Doctors.


Hope the doctors can get you sorted out really soon - I have CFS so understand about the overwhelming exhaustion; hopefully it will be something that can be easily dealt with.

Your Mum sounds incredible, you are luck to have her around and you obviously have a close family to support you and your brother through your trials and illnesses.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


Hi Liberty & Julie

Thank you for replying to my posts. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I'm so glad that all the hard work has been done & cant wait to see the place.

Jeez this tiredness is awful. i've just woke from around 7.30ish & its now 3.49. I did'nt even get to take my amytrptaline or pain med but I feel like it wont be long until I drop of again.

We are all so worried about my brother, my Mum does'nt believe it has hit him yet or accepted it even though he says it has. God luv him he has a roller coaster of emotions ahead of him. We will be there for him, I for one feel glad that we will have time to bknd together & have a relationship like back in the old days before we were pushed apart from his Mrs. I dont know wby she done that or why he even let her but its best to forget it & look to the future.

Thank again to everyone for your support & kind words. It was so good to off load this problem.

Speak to you all soon. I feel like I'm catching up on all the lost skeep I've had through my nights of Insomnia even though I dont feel rested. jeez our minds & bodies are amazing things.

Goodnight all.

Luv & Hjgs



I am so glad your family has rallied round, your mum sounds an amazing lady. Unfortunately for you, you are just beginning to discover the way this illness works. Stress is as bad for you as overdoing it physically. Hopefully now things are in place for your brother you will start to pick up a bit, just take each day as it comes xx


Hi Lyhhn

What a week its been. Mum & family worked hard & have the place looking & smelling great.

I myself since Friday dont feel just as tired. I think I'm having one of thise nights when sleep wont come. From one extreme to the other in the space of a few days.

Thank you for your reply



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