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hello everyone im new at this so bare with me

hi everyone joined this group last night,its already been very good reading all your blogs etc,i was diagnosed with fibro in semptember last year and i think ive been trying to ignore it hoping it will all go away,obviously it hasnt its getting worse. iam feeling very low at mo and really struggling to look after my family .i have 5 children and its hard work on the best of days ,especially hard on bad days (which are nearly all the time now).i went to the hospital friday (reamotology department as originally thats what i was diagnosed with) saw the nurse there and she said that wasnt anything else they could do for me so they are sighning me off.i feel that since ive been diagnosed with fibro that doctors etc are really dismisive and leaving me all to it. there must be other tablets etc i can take for the pain cause its getting worse, at mo i take 8 codydramol a day and it hardly touches it ,any feed back greatly recieved xx

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Hi and welcome lynz. Glad you've read the blogs and questions, have you clicked on tags and read those too? There are a lot of questions that have already been answered on there.

Poor you, 5 children and a dismissive doctor! Must be very hard. Can you go back to your GP and have a good chat to him and ask him about painkillers etc. I hope you have one who is understanding about fibro.

Someone else will come along and give you some advice too soon. It's a really great group.

Gentle hugs. xx


hi lynz welcome, ive been diagnosed a year now ,fortunatly i have a great doctor i wud sugjest changing doctors if possible coz there is some that do understand FM. u need to ask for amitriptlyne or nortriptilyne they will relax yr muscles along with yr pain killers,they take a bit of getting used to but wen they r in yr system u will get a better nites sleep, also get some heat pads you can get them from the savers shops cheap.takr care hope this helps u xxxx tofty xxx


Hi Lynz

I've been diagnosed for 5 years now and have been getting worse for the last 2. I was on codydramol, but these werent strong enough - you can mix these with paracetamol which also worked for me for a while. I am now on Butrans patches (pain relief), they have various strengths, so you could ask your doctor about trying these. I am also on cocodamol (which is the codeine and paracetamol mix), Gabapentin for the burning and tingling, naproxen (anti inflam) I did try amitriptyline, but these made me rage and still did nothing to help me sleep!!

You really need to speak to your dr and if they are not very supportive ask for a different dr.

Although you probably dont see it as a good thing having to force yourself to get moving everyday because of sorting out your children, it can only have a positive effect on yourself, otherwise, you could possibly sink into depression. I'm a carer for my husband and I also have 2 children, without these, I could easily stay in bed all day wallowing in my own misery and pain. However I have to force myself to get moving and face each day.

Gentle hugs, hope you find an understanding dr soon xx


thank you all for your comments iam feeling a lot brighter than i was and iam going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow ,thank you again xxx:)


Hi lynz,

Like everyone else has said, there are plenty of other meds you can try.

I am on cocodamol, amitriplyn and gabapentin.

This mix doesnt take the whole pain away but it does make it a bit more bearable.

I have three girls, And i even said to my gp without them keeping me gonig i would be depressed and wouldnt go out. (I only go to school and back but its great to get out).

I get a break when they are at school, are all yours at school?

kel xxx


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