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DLA hope for all !!!

Firstly hiya all its been a long time since i have been on here hope all is as well aas can be!!

Some of you no that i was granted dla high rate mobility in march but no care part. Well the start of may i appealed about it and i got granted the care part 5 weeks later as they didnt want me to go to court.

So there is hope for all of you that are currently going threw the stress off it.

I ve gone back to work on and off as i get ill doing to much.

Ive still got the probs at home with my partner he dont work i try so hard to provide for him and my children. lately i have been losing my temper think im going threw the change as my ovaries have stopped working.

Its 1 thing after another. I just want to run away at mo. Im back on the slow release morphine permanently now plus all the other meds.

My step mum has got to have heart op on weds we are close the risks are high because of her age i cant lose her xxx Hope you all have having a easy time xx

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Hey there so big hugs to you, you have all that unnecessary stress right now and that don't help I know but hold on in there. Im so sorry to here your partner wont try for you and your children at times o f illness you need him to be a strength but alas no well nm hope you mum pulls through my mum was seventy and she came through a treat here's to wishing you and your lovely family well


So glad to hear that you won your appeal, which will be one thing less to worry about! You didn't say if your partner was looking for work or unable to do so, but you shouldn't have all that stress on your shoulders. I think that your partner needs to support you and not the other way round, but if he can't then you need to ask other family members or talk to your family doctor.

I am sorry to hear about your step mum and pray that her heart operation is successful when she has this done tomorrow. May God give you the strength that you need to get through this and I hope you get all the support you need right now and in the future.

Take care, Julia x


Hes not lookin for work said his head is bad but all tests are claer. just me doing it all my mum is ok now thanks xx



Is your partner out of work because go illness or unemployment, if either he should be helping as much as he can, no excuse to be a dead weight. If he is that unhelpful I would be left wondering if he is worth the bother and if I would be worse off on my own. I hope your step mum is okay and up and about soon.


he was ill with bad head but all is clear think its put on abit now. x


Hi ,

Big hugs xxx did you get high rate care ?

Xxxx c


no just low rate but am hapy with that really cant deal with them right now lol x


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