does anyone have anythin simuilar????

my partner had a neck op with c5/c6 disc going....two years later my neck went and it turned out to be the exact same disc and the other discs going, same as him...........

I have suffered from fibro for the past 3yrs now and for the past yr my partner has been suffering from all the same pains and memery loss, his pain, like ours moves, one miniute its his neck and shoulders and then his legs and bum and bottom of the back.....then his whole body, judt like us, his tiredness is unbearable or him, he never was one for naps as they always made him much worse and he has always very articulate and precise with words, but now adays, hes just like me, hes not been diagnosed, but im sure hes got it............spooky as it may seem!

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  • Oh dear bless you both it does sound like you both have it jus got to make sure you dont feel the same on the same days so on your bad days he can look after you and vise versa lol hope you both be ok and at least your partner really does know how you feel love to both diddle x

  • thatsn what we try to do we have 6 children and the two smaller ones are 10 and 4 so we try......thankx for youer answer diddle.x

  • thank you mad isnt it x

  • mine are L4 L5 and S1 xx

  • thank you the spine is ery worryin isnt it

  • t4 for me

  • thank you sorry to hear it.x

  • I have problems in 3 areas on my spine. Have lost almost 3 inches in hight. I am sure it was C3,4& 5 the first area diagnosed as a problem some 8 years ago.

    I hope your understanding of each others pain gives you many blessings and that you never have a flare up at the same time. Serious pacing needed. Gentle hugs for you x

  • thank you, yes we do try to have them at seperate times and when they arnt our smaller children suffer, bless them. IM IN A DIP AT THE MOMENT, as our eldest son has just been taken to prison forsomething i dont know, but probably burgulary as he is in addiction and it has ruined his life. His (step)dad, who has brought him up for the past 14yrs and i have 10 and 11yrs in recovery of that and have worked hard to be where we are and the only thing i can do is let go and let god, we cannot help him any longer, but now im scared my dip will go into a big depression, my last lot lasted months, i hate it and im powerless over it.

    god bless

  • Aww gerry, what a lot to worry about.

    I hope you dont go into depression.

    Take care, kel xxx

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