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so much for getting organised

i know i said i wasnt going to come on here till monday ,as iam going away for the weekend ,(we are going to the local coast all of us ,first time for 6yrs )

well ,lots of you read my blog about my girls telling their dad they didnt want to see him anymore

well guess what he turned up at my house !

at about 12.30 ,he knocks at my door , :(

so as you can imagine that was fun ,he wanted to hear it from their mouths that they didnt want to see him ,i think he thought it was me telling them that they couldnt see him ,but they told him straight and ijust kept my mouth shut ,but was very proud of them ,again :)

i tried my best to tell him that maybe when they are older they will want to have a relationship with him ,but at the mo they just cant cope with it ,

there was hugs all round for my daughters when he had gone ,and the girls are a bit emotional ,but other wise looking forward to our weekend away ,couldnt have come at a better time for my girls i think :)

im so emotionally and physically tired at mo :(

cut a long story short ,ive been otherwise occupied lol

havnt been able to do anything all day to get ready for our trip ,

anyway ,love and gentle hugs to all ,everyone keep their fingers crossed for a little sunshine for us :-D xxxxxx

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oh dear what a shock or you and the girls but i suppose the other side of it is he has a bit of a cocionce then to come round it must have hit him hard but here you go all done now no wonder your drained lol . yo arent coming to lowestoft are you ? if so let me know ha ha anyway enjoy trip and one good thing least he came when you were there love to you didddle x


we are going to hemsby ,but im planning to come to lowestoft soon ,

my husband loves it there ,he spent most of his summer holidays there

with his nan ,

so next time i come im coming to you for cake and coffee lol :)

xxxxxxx :-D


that willbe nice my daughter lives in caister just up the road fro there oh yes coffee and cake ll all the members will be so jealous they may alll come down ha ha love diddle x oh and enkoy your break x


sounds like you all need a break, have a fabulous time. Everything crossed for sunshine this weekend. x x


thanks lou , :) tc xxxxxx


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