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To all you kind people


Thankyou for all your responses regarding DWP, I am calling mum inlaws doctor tomorrow I will have to take her there to get that stupid form signed.

,off to my own gp in the morning to ask her to send me back to my rheumatologist I also want some advice regarding my husband I called the doctor out to him on Thursday she gave him antibiotics as he was showing signs of a chest infection he had become really weak and tearful which is unusual for him even though he has the lung cancer and copd however he has picked up today, I wanted to take him to A &E but he refused to go he said he has had enough of hospitals he is due hes last session of chemo on Friday but we going to ask them to delay it for a week so he can regain some energy and strength due to this infection. He told me today that when hes time comes he wants to die at home and not in hospital this all seems sureal to me I really canot believe we are having these conversations I have to swallow hard and put on a brave face,its all to much what with all my aches and pains.

I really can't imagine life without him he has been ill for 18 months but he said it seems like years he said he can't remember how he was, he had chemo and radiotherapy last year as well, all the days roll into another and even i forget what day of the week it is.

Thankyou all for listening I will let you know how I get on at the doctors, my legs are burning at the moment and yesterday my right ankle felt like i had twisted it but I hadn't. X


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Hello menarly

Don't Apologies angel you talk as much as you like. I'm so very sorry about your husband. I won't pretend I know what your going through because I wouldn't come close. You are going through it as a family aren't you? I wish there was a magic hug I could send you but all I can do is send you big fluffy one's. Take care xx

Hi Menarley

I want to genuinely wish all of you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Try to keep strong its so hard I know it's one thing after another to sort but all you can do is one day at a time and be by your husband's side my husband suffered with lung cancer horrendous condition xxx

Hi I am so sorry, you have a lot going on at the moment, I can imagine how your Husband feels, as I saw my dad GP through it, I truly hope the chemo works for him, and you. Take care and good luck .xx

Sending soft gentle hugs.

So sorry for what your all going through, life can be so unfair at times and just wanted to send you lots of love and hugs , wish I could do more for you, take care of yourself and one day at a time xx

Please let us know how you are our thoughts are with you. My brother in law is going through the same OH seems to be taking him in a weekly basis to th hospital but he seems to be having a reprieve at the moment. My brother in law is as tough as they come but sometimes it just all gets too much. He is also a carer for his wife who is ill so I bet your dear husband has your illness on his mind as well. When he had an infection they delayed the chemo and in fact they did not bother with the last session as he was under the weather again. He actually picked up once the chemo/radiotherapy was over as it can be extremely debilitating. It must be so difficult for you.x

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