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another visit to Dr about my gallstones

Well I had to go the the GP AGAIN today as the pain in my stomach/under my ribs has gotten abit worse.

So off I go to be poked and prodded tho I Have to say that she was very gentle with me, She is convinced it is gallstones but until I have my scan it is not confirmed. If it is then she will refer me to have my gallbladder taken out if not then it will be an endoscopy to see whats wrong.

She has upgraded my scan from routine to urgent so hoping it will come thru soon. If the pain gets worse I am to go to A&E .

Not like I have anything else to worry about and not like I am in pain for anyother reason lol

Have to laugh or I would cry and on top of all this my daughter is giving me a hard time about going to school so its a battle every morning.

Oh well such is life


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oh poor you hun ,what a bad time of it you are having ,sending you gentle hugs



Thank you Lynz if it not one thing is another but will get sorted well with the tummy thing anyway lol xx


hi glad you went back to doctor and she upped you to,urgent get it out nd get rid of that awfulpain my cousin wa slike you he was in agony really crying like a baby at times a grown man the pain was so bad but in end had them out and never looked back so good luckwith it all . hope your daughter gets off your case too kids hay love to you diddle x


Thanks diddle not felt pain like it rather go thru childbirth time after time instead lol as for my daughter 11 going on stroppy teenager lol things can only get better I hope hahaha xx


My friend has just been told she probably has gallstones too, she's going for a scan.

Hope you get yours through quickly.

Sue xx


Thank you sue xx


Snap! I have had grumbling ones for 2 years and apparantly NICE guidelines mean until you have an acute episode they wont operate - or so they told me! I have one very large one 21mm and it has one little friend and I have inflammed gall bladder wall. I only know this after I had to be admitted to hosp following a trip to A&E in agony. I now have a urgent ref to a surgical team ( 6 week wait) hoping to get the gall bladder out. I have progressed to Morphine, vomiting, anti-sickness tabs and yellow poo!! And to think when they spotted the gallstone two years ago they could have took it out- but the usual - it's not in the guidelines!!

Big hugs to you from a fellow sufferer - as if we don't have enough to put up with eh?


OMG thats terrible Maz and painful I was admitted last monday in agony but they never checked for gallstones dr says it is and if it is she will refer me straight away lets hope we both get sorted out soon big soft and gentle hugs to you xxxx


Thank you Jules will keep you posted

gentle hugs back to you xx


Fairylady and Maz, big hugs to you been there and the pain was dreadful. I spent 8wks eating boiled chicken and rice - zero fat, had to have my wedding dress taken in my 2 sizes. Just could not tolerate anything else, (could do with the boiled chicken and rice dish now lol) Lou x

Had several admissions to hospital and then after 6 wks, got a cancellation just days before my wedding in 2008. In end key hole, so got was able to get married and healed quickly.

Hope you both get sorted soon, Lou x


Thank you Lou it is awful and yes I cant tolorant much ffod at the mo,

sure we will both get sorted I hope it is soon for both me and maz

Glad you got yours sorted AND you were able to still get married

gentle hugs

Penny xx


I also have gallstones which were found when I was having a scan on my ovaries 3 years ago. I had been having indigestion problems for years. I was haven the option to have my gallbladder removed but after doing a bit of research I decided against it. I changed my diet and now I rarely have any problems with it :-)


Why did you opt not to have the op? I am pleased that yours have settled down and hope that it stays that way Dinkydo and thank you for your comment xxx


I've had my gallbladder out, they did it by keyhole surgery which helped me get over it quicker, should have only been in the hospital overnight but ended up being in two nights as my temperature was high. It's wonderful when you have had it out, no more pain, no worrying about what you eat causing the pain.

Good Luck !!


Thank you Ebony I am hoping it happens soon just fed up now and hope it is keyhole thoo I am not sure the hospital i go to will do it that way but will have to see xxx


I can really recommend getting rid of one's gallbladder. All done by keyhole surgery, an overnight stay in hospital for observation - I walked out of hospital less than 24 hours after the op.

We fibro folks are hardy when it comes to pain - we're used to it!

My backache was decreased by about 50% after the op.

Good luck. I know we're all different, but, for me,this was definitely easier than having a tooth out. And I got some shuteye for once - albeit under general anaesthetic :D


Thank you Chris I do hope thescan comes soon the pain is just bearable but no painkillers take it away but will keep you posted



Thank you for that Gracie Ooo i so want the op and I can cope with pain from an op especially if it gets rid of this pain I have now from galstones and some sleep would be great via general anaesthtic I think that was the last time I had a good sleep when I had my last op lol will keep you posted xxx


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