another update on my gallstones

Well I thought I would give you all a quick update

I have been to hospital this morning about my gallstones, They are going to take it out

I will be so pleased it will be 1 less pain in the end

It should be keyhole surgery and only a day case so just wait for the date now

I feel dreadful now was such a rush this morning

I hope you are all not tooo bad today

soft hugs

Penny xxxx

7 Replies

  • glad you are sorted xx

  • I am so glad you are having the op. You will feel much better soon. xxx

  • well thats good news xxx

  • Thats brill news hun.

    I hope you dont have to wait too long.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Great news. Hope all goes well. xxxx :)

  • hi hunny had mine out 2 years now no 3 years ago you will be fine it is not as bad as the pain you are in from the gallstone

    so glad that you have been told they are going to do it asap

  • Had mine done 4 years ago - really pleased how straightforward it all was - and well worth it.

    And you get to have a nice sleep while they're doing it :)

    Best of luck :)

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