still no joy with my pain re gallstones

Well after struggling all weekend in terrible pain not getting anywhere with the on call dr I went and saw mine own dr this morning. Well I still didnt get anywhere. He said that I dont have an infection of my gallbladder and I am on as much pain relief as I can have. He wont give me mophine because it would make an infection if I got one. So until i have my scan on friday there is nothing that can be done. If it is gallstones then they will get me to have an op to take out the gallbladder as soon as possible. So I am in pain and have to wait now, it is going to be a very very long week. I just feel dreadfull

Hope you are all having an OK day today


Penny xx

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  • oh penny i hope the week flys by for you hun ,sending gentle hugs xxxx

  • Penny,

    Its so bad that gps think its ok to be left in so bad pain.

    I hope friday comes quick for you and something gets sorted.

    HUgs, kel xxxx

  • Thank you Lynz and jazher, It does seem incredible that they leave me in pain but thats how it is

    hugs back to both of you xx

  • Hi Penny, i hope you get you have a pain free week, i had my gallbladder out in September after an awful couple of months and several visits to A & E in the middle of the night, morphine was the only thing that gave me pain relief, after five visits to the hospital being admitted and discharged two or three days, at the last admittance i refused to go home until they had performed the op, I do hope you get sorted soon as the pain is not nice, soft hugs, xx

  • Thank you Fairy43, It is horrible and to have it on top of fibro I think makes it worse, I mean we are in pain and tired anyway. I have thought about going back to A&E but I shall wait til friday ( wth abit of luck) and then make sure I am refered for surgery asap. I feel so drained with this pain if nothing else feel like hibernating lol.

    Thank you for your comment and gentle hugs to you too xxx

  • they should be left in painat times then see how long you would be on waiting list x love diddle x

  • very true Diddle they would soon speed things up if it was them hugs Penny xx

  • i was the same two years ago lost 3 stone. i had a mac millan nurse who helped me because pain was so bad she got things worked out faster for me ..worth asking

  • Sending big gentle hugs, hope this week fly's by. Just remember, If need be A&E is there 24hrs a day, if needed do seek treatment / advice hun.

    Take Care Lou x

  • Thank you Lou I am almost 1 day closer I will take it one day at a time and if it does get worse I will go to A&E


    Penny xx

  • Penny sorry not been around, I was wondering how you got on at the DRs yesterday, any joy???

    Hugs x x x Sue

  • Hi Sue, I got to see dr smith and he just said that I had to wait til friday for my scan and then if its gallstones they will organise surgery asap. so still in pain it was a waste of time really

    Hugs Penny xxx

  • I really wish they'd get their skates on and sort you out. Even if your gallbladder isn't infected, it's probably inflamed, so no wonder you're suffering.

    My mother-in-law ended up in A and E because they were too slow in diagnosing the gallstones - they did give her morphine, but she had to wait for the infection to be cleared before they could operate.

    Having my gallbladder out was one of the best things I've ever done. Done by keyhole surgery, it really is a doddle compared to some of the things we have to put up with.

    Really hope they sort you out soon. you've suffered enough. xx

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