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Frustrating visit to DR

Having been informed that my GP had left the practice i have had no choice but to seek the help of another GP. Talk about frustrating. I have had to repeat my complicated medical history for the umpteenth time. My main reason for wanting an app was to discuss my depression. A very unsympathetic ear awaited me.

I was told i needed to loose weight and excercise more, if it was that easy i would have done so before. I am crippled by back pain , am unable to work due to the phyhsical nature of my job and i do try to keep as active as possible.I have migraine and IBS ,depression and fatigue along with the pain of muscle spasms and many tender points.

I left the surgery feeling even more depressed than when i walked in. I have a prescription for tramadol to try and help the pain. previously been on co dydromol and diclefenic to no avail

The dr did look up fibromyalgia in her treatment book to find a pain killer that may help but she had absolutely no understanding of what living with fibro means .

I feel so upset that in her eyes i need to get on with life, i only wish i was able to. If this is the ongoing support available i dont know how i will cope.

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I'm very disappointed for you that you had such a negative experience. When the GP's were changing at our surgery and mine was going I booked a well-woman check with one of the nurses who are all very sympathetic, and asked her who she would recommend me making an appointment with. In the event she scheduled the appointment for me AND spoke to the GP in advance of it. Just wondering if that might be an option.

On the plus side at least your GP *did* take the time to look it up and that maybe the beginning for her of an understanding and she may discuss with colleagues.

Gentle hugs to you x


My GP also recently retired and feeling very frustrated with the new one. Saw my consultant and he said why don't you move? Only problem who to!



I was taking the meds you are tramadol, diclofec...none helped me either. My doc gave me gabapentin today, he said it's what they prescibe at the pain clinic. Am going to try them tonight...will let you know if they do anything x


Know exactly how you feel. I had to see a different doctor yesterday. I went because the pain in my hip was different to my fm pains and I was unable to either get into or out of a chair without help. The examination was thus : please stand, (she then prodded me through my coat and clothing and said "does that hurt". After which she said that there was inflammation (how she knew this is a mystery). She advised me to take pain-killers 4 x per day. I advised that I had to do this anyway because of the fm. I was prescribed a gel to rub on and told to come back in 3 weeks if not better. I am going to see my Own doctor next week.

What this doctor failed to understand was the effort it took to get to the doctors and the fatigue for the rest of the day.


This is so true, there really is little understanding on living with fibro. Small hills feel like mountains and what feels like a small achievment to a non fibro sufferer ie visiting the dr , is a major achievment with lasting consequences to all of us with fibro.

I started the tramodol yesterday and really do not know what planet i am on. I feel very sick and last night when i tryed to get to sleep i had what felt like a panic attack. I am only on 100mg a day as i do not dare to increase further as prescibed( can have 300mg day). Pain still just the same, not sure how long before i feel a benefit or the side effects wear off.


Sorry to hear you are having problems with your GP. I though that was more in the past. I also had appointments with various doctors who I felt just sent me home to rot. One even suggested I was being lazy even though he knew I hadn,t been able to sit down for 18 weeks and even laying down as me in great pain still. I then came across a doctor who at least gave the impression he understood but now at my health center you can,t have the same doctor all the time. You have to ring on the morning you need an appaintment and see any doctor available.and they all seem to have different ideas. Just keep trying and knowing you are not alone will help I hope. I find if I am really down I read through other people,s comments and they do help me not to feel so isolated. Best Wishes to all of you


oh dear that's awfull; i can sympathize wih you tho; i had to move recently and the new gp is useless and has no idea either!

although i had previusly been to 4 pain clinics; my last appointment helped me the best when i was given a Morphine patch; which has helped me so much and know i do not know how i coped before them; they are Butrams transdermol patches; which i change weekly; good luck su


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