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Dr sent me a letter to say he wants to see me about recent phone calls

About a month ago I was sent to the Physio and the list was for Fibro, also help with my knees and hips (need replacement but not right age apparently ) also could they give me some exersises for my weight. Well the Physio guy read the letter from the specialyst and said " this is far too much for you to have delt with in a days physio. You need one app; for Fibro and another for your knees etc....and they havent taken into account the fact you have CVFS as well , with that he said if you dont mind I will call the hospital that is dealing with your Orthopedics,and see if they will take you on there for Rhumatology ( spelt wrong maybe ) and keep it all under one roof,but you will have to go on seperate days. "

Well he called them and they said yes, but he needed to get me referred by my Dr. So he wrote the Dr a letter. After I had recieved the letter I waited no appointment arrived,by now I was worse,as I cannot walk,and flareup of fibro.....So my husband called the Dr's surgery...still no app; he then went into the surgery and said how ill I was and had they refered me "Oh no " they said but we will talk to her Dr and he will do it today.....three days later still no answer to let us know he had done it...My husband called again and was told "he is not here today but will speak to him asap and will call you" ...Still no phone call all week. Then today I get a letter from said Dr saying can I make an appointment to go to see him about some phone calls I made to the practice over the last 2 weeks!!! .................Called the surgery and I can see him a week now got to wait another week before he even does anything...............Sorry for the rant but it has taken 14 months to get this sorted and I am exasperated. .........................Does anyone else have this bother with GP's. ........Now worried about what the letter means ........

Again sorry for the rant but had to get all this out of my head or once more I wont be able to sleep.....and off we go again!!!

Gentle hugs to all x x x

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Poor you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure this is not an uncommon story but that doesn't make it acceptable!! Are you able to change your GP practice or even to another GP within the same one, perhaps he/she may take your needs a little more seriously...

Very sorry to hear what you are having to go through and hope you get it sorted out soonest!!

Gentle hugs. xx


It is the total lack of urgency that grinds you down isn't it? With Fibro fog we are not the best people to have to be nagging and reminding others in any case let alone being let down by those who are paid to care for us.

I totally understand your frustration - it happens to me too :-(

Julie xx



It sounds like your doctor and the surgery are to blame. Some doctors just don't seem to care anymore and don't like being questioned. They seem to think they are god and what they say goes. I agree with Celticmoon, if you are not happy with the doctor or the surgery you can move. I sometimes think doctors receptionists are a different species too. I had to put the phone down on mine this week, she was being so patronising and as good as accusing me of lying. Whoops now I am ranting.

Good luck next week and remember if you are not happy change docs or surgeries.

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


Hello Pink,,

You certainly never rant, I agree with everything you are saying, my doctor looks at me as if I just got out of a spaceship and talk gobbledegook, and it is believed all doctors secretaries are actually devine healers, (well they think they are anyway), I was told tonignt that if I change doctor and surgery, that I probably couldnt get a report from another doctor, as they would not have known me for a long time ( there is a part of a dla question I saw on benefits and work that asks if the doctor that is giving your report, one that has known you long, I would like to confirm that, must try before I do change doctors), I swear if I go to my doctor next week and he gives me that painstaking look hes been giving me the last few times I've been with him, I'm going to ask him whats wrong, because if my illness is too much for him to handle I'll have to take it someone else, now THAT is called ranting lol xxxxx

An Rainbow Dancer, I know only too well what its like to wait for appointments and to be let down by them, it happens to me all the time, I'm still waiting to be called back to my rheumatologist


Hi thank you all for your reply's My problem is that we only have one practice for the whole town and four Dr's and if I change they all stick together. I did try to see another one and she said Oh you are best to make another appointment as I don't really know you !!! Not so long ago any Dr could take out your notes and "know" you and help you. I thought computers helped but our Dr hides behind his and taps away even when you are talking to him. ...........He is prob; moaning on some foram about his latest patient LOL sorry could not resist that ha ha xx

Gentle Hugs xx xx


I am so pleased to see you using such a vital therapy - laughter. We have to laugh at the illness/the trouble it brings to us and to others and to the others that it brings to us!!!!!! we have to laugh or else heaven knows where we'd be up some fibro gum tree I suspect.


ive been going to see my gp for a constant headache since march ,,but in the mean time i broke my ribs having a fit as im epileptic to .i went to see her last week for pain killers for my ribs and fibro i said i just want rid of these headaches then i be ok ...she said OH HAVE YOU A HEADACHE i just looked at her me n hubby was gobsmacked ,we said we been coming here since march about them lol ...dont think doctors listen lol xxxxx


Familiar. I waited a year to see a neurologist. She dismissifully told me you need physio but neurological physio. I had been lost in an ordinary physio queue since coming out of hospital the year before! I joined another physio queue. I went after some 3 months to be told I was too sick for physio! I needed hydrotherapy. I was then told the hydrotherapy I could access on NHS was some 27 miles away and no transport. I went to GP to get a local hydrotherapy place but I now have to go back to another neurologist in different area to access that!

I am a very sick govt yo yo.

I do hope all our plights get better!

and ps new neuro phoned and NHS will only fund wait for it 3 sessions!!!! Now nearly 18 months after first trying to get treatment for this particular thing and 3 sessions.

Love NN :)


When I did hydro after my last knee op they said I could only do 4 and then I had to go on my own to the pool at the hospital 64 miles round trip for half hr session. I decided to get a membership with a spa that had warm water 30 degree's and was going every day so only worked out at just over a pound a day. To go to the hospital would have been at least £10 a day,so thought I would be best to go to the spa. the added bonus is on a good day I can stay all day and just lounge around. Oh can't wait to be able to do that again. :-)

I can't go at the moment but my membership is suspended. If anyone knows of a hotel or spa that does membership it is the best way I think to go. I pay for mine out of my carers allowance/DLA

Love and Light RD x


deffo the nearest spa to me is £80 per month so I cant get that out of my low level care allowance, but I know its the best thing for my pains!

Hugz xxx NN:)


OMG mine is only 45 so not so bad for me but that is really no help to you sorry x x

Gentle hugs x x


Why on earth does it take us so long to get things sorted out. I will bnever understand. Neurology says I need physio, even though I said I have already been down that route and discharged as 'nothing they can do to help'. I hope you get sorted soon and try not to worry too much, although that is easier said than done



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