My neurosurgeon visit!

Hi folks today was my follow up appointment after having an injection in my spine. I told him it hadn't helped and he said he was not surprised as they had. A big meeting about my mri scan and they didnt think it was my spine that was causing my pain as the nerves where not trapped. He was a lovely man and said I needed to see a neurologist and he would write to him. My gp has also referred me again. I did burst into tears at not getting any real answers. This is all so frustrating I am so fed up of going from one appointment to another my mood is so low I am finding it hard to carry on take care hope you are getting more sleep than me. Role on daylight Sue

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  • U poor thing keep ur chin up im still awake as well birds will b awake soon take care x

  • Thanks you to.

  • Damn noisy birds start at 3 am I would let my cats out but they have bells on to stop them killing birds lol petal

  • Thanks you take care x

  • im sorry ur having a awful time lv and having a needle in ur spine for no reason its propers shite.i hope you get some resolve who`d have em..lots of fluffy hugs fm me xxxx

  • Oh dear u really sound down. Remember you will get there in the end due to recession the light at the end of the tunnel has had power saving dim light globes fitted. But the light at the end of the tunnel is still there Petal

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