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Going to buy hair dye no.3 what a plonker i am

Well had a hair dye upstairs 3 wks!! Decided yesterday don't want that one as not sure take on my Dark hair, so got another almost black as i naturaly am, besides being told my silvers are showing :-( . I always keep up but not over past yr to be fair i have gone to pot with myself.

Anyway got dark hair dye was mixing away and thought hmmm smells nice !! Smells like conditioner! ... I had put conditioner in mixer bottle instead of colour in (wandered why not changed colour) so used back up colour 2 which Mahogany .... Hubby... Wow thats definately taken its brighter.... Omg i not so sure it me lol so off for a dark one to go back to being me! Will make sure do correctly. The conditioners usualy come in sachets not bottles prob why got wrong, or fog lol..

Huggly wugglys xxxxxxxxx

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oh no :) well i hope the next one makes you feel more you :) xxxxx


I put the condition in my 1st bottle to, 2nd bottle dyed my hair pink finally the 3rd was ok, Ill get some one else to do it for me next time


i have done that too,now i double check and make sure i have my glasses on lol


i have to double check when i do it lol x


Hehe Thanks ladies and lally you sound as daft as me lol.

I dyed my hair for past few yrs as never touched before! Had it permed quite a lot but never colour, so started in my late 30's .

I always done other ppls hair.

Do not think trust myself mowadays.

Bpught another this morning but not used it as not had time.

Cannot do everything so perfectly all the time there has to be a slight hiccup in everyones life time. In mine plenty.

Just glad i did not continue to put on hair colour as who knows what would of happend :-/ xxxxx


Opps lol, i finely gave iin and got my long hair cut, and on friday i dyed it purple, it just a bit diff from my nornal ginger lol hay what the hell lets all rebel,

cant get up to much else these days .

Good luck with the third one


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