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hello everyone im back

well im back from our weekend away :)

it was a bit stressful ,but it was good for the kids ,we went swimming ,went to the amusments ,then went to the night time entertainment ,

we had to cut it short though , :( i tried to do too much ,i had got it into my head that it was everyones break ,and didnt ask for help for anything ,and decided i could cope after all its only for a weekend ,

also the sleeping arrangements were rubbish we had to sleep in the living room with karl as it was the only place to put the travel cot as he was freaking out at bedtime ,hes never not slept in his own bed ,hes never been away from before ,

my body has rebelled :( ,this is probably the worst i have ever felt ,i cant even walk the pain is unbelievable

im useing crutches just to walk in the house ,ive been in bed most of the day

i dont think i have ever felt so guilty in my life making my poor kids come home early ,

feeling very upset and down at mo :)

blasted fibro :(

hope everyone has had a nice weekend :)

love and gentle hugs xxxxxx

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Awww lynz, i just want to send you a big gentle hug.

I am so sorry you are suffering hun, i hope with being at home now you can take it as easy as you can.

hope it eases soon for you.

hugs, kel xxxx


thanks kel xxxxx


oh and one side of my face is swollen cause ive been grinding my teeth so much , or its just another fibro sympton ,all i know is its just another pain to add to the list


sorry it didnt end as well as it started!!!

taking my two to butlins for a week in june, just three of us!

dont know if im dreading it or looking forward to it, just glad its half board! (we get holiday vouchers each year from the family fund).

try and rest as much as poss and get J to pull sicky tomorow if not so he can help!!

love to all and big gentle hugs to you xxxxxxx


thanks hun ,luckily jasons got day off tomorrow anyway ,if he didnt i dont know what i would do

gentle hugs to you too ,and hope you manage to get somthing to replace the diazapam hun ,somthing that works aswell xxx


ta luv, phoning in morn to get appointment, worried panic attacks will come back!!

its so annoying, first tablet what works with muscle spasms and they stoppin it!! wanna cry :-(

take care and REST thats an order lol xx


i know it does seem so unfair :( it is a really good tablet ,but cause its so addictive they are really carful arnt they ,but like you said all the tablets we get given are addictive in some way ,hopefully the doc will exsplane why instead of just saying no ,

tc hun see you soon xxxx


Another big gentle hug for you hun, sorry to hear your in so much pain and feeling down. Fingers crossed for a peaceful night and a brighter Monday.

Lets hope a couple nights of everyone in their own beds helps. Take Care, Lou x


thanks lou ,i gave my bed a big kiss earlier lol ,i missed it that much :)

tc xxxx


Nice to see you home again Lynz.

Catch up tomorrow hun.

Lots of love xxxx


hi sue :)

hope you had a lovely weekend xxxx


I did love thanks. Went to my daughter's yesterday and she cooked a roast dinner and we had a good chat.

We don't often get the chance to get together. xxxx


ooh lovely we had beans on toast lol cause i was too poorly to cook ,my daughter bless her did my youngest 3 their dinner ,

shes such a star xxxx


aw bless you love. what a good girl you have there.

How do you feel today? xxxx


a bit better today ,still finding it hard to walk though ,hopfully be alrite tomorrow :) xx


Hope so too love, take it easy, as much as you can today. xxxx


so sorry that you cut break short . ksson learnt there then bless you . it has made me think as i am going to lndon n may for 5 days but i am going to pace nyself as dont ro have to come home

your kids willl get over it blesss them

oh well you rest up now love diddle x


thanks diddle ,we are going away aswell in august so ive learnt my lesson to pace myself



Hi Lynz.

Sorry to hear about your weekend. Not quite what you had planned, I'm sure. Bless you. I know what it's like to think you can enjoy some time away, and then end up doing too much and suffering for it.

I hope you're recovering now and taking it easy. There really is nothing like your own bed!!

Take care Hun.


Carolanne. xx


yes i love my bed lol ,a little better today so hopefully beable to do school run tomorrow xxx


That's good to hear. Don't go over doing it again tomorrow though!


Carolanne. xx


i promise ,i will be a good girl lol xxx


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