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feel like a right numpty ,broke down at docs :(

as lots of you know i had docs today ,

i was really good and wrote all my symptons down ,

so i go there full of courage (well a little )

i walk in and tell him that i have been doing research on nhs choices etc

"i have a list of symptons" i tell him he then asks why rheamatology are not helping ,cause they are sighning me off i say

so i ask is it alright if i tell you my symptons,he says ofcourse

so i say one line and break down in tears and start to sob :(

mind you he was so shocked he was really nice to me after that lol

anyway cut a long story short (too late i hear you cry )

although i felt a right wolly i dont feel like they are ignoring me now

he said even if rheamatology do sighn me off its not the end of the road for pain manergment :)

so thank you to everyone for helping me to get it right and making me go in the first place

cause although im still a bit teary eyed it has made me feel better that gp is behind me

love to you all and lots of gentle hugs


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dont ever feel silly for crying, this illness has reduced me to a gibbering wreck your right to go in there armed with a list your symptoms Im so pleased, will now get to help you need,gentle hugs and lots of love



dont feel a numpty its so stressful and i think its only when we voice them that we se ourselves what a mess we are in , we are very lucky to have a fantasic dr who listens and will go that extra mile for her patients x


I'm with Lally on this - well done for going in as you did! Sometimes rheumatology can only do so much - I got my doctor to refer me to my local pain clinic - maybe this is something you can do?

And trust me sweetheart - you're not the only one who cries at the doctors... I'm well known for it at my local surgery!!

Keep your chin up - inbox me if you want xx


Agree with what the others have said love, you musn't feel a right numpty, you daft numpty! LOL cos that's how you felt at the time and it was probably the best place you could break down.

As Trisha says, when you have to talk about it, that's when it gets to you. xxxx


thank you everyone xxxx :)


My Gp is fab! at the beginning of my journey - he used to say holding the box of tissues 'and will you be needing these today.....!!' all in good taste and yes it made me cry!!

Welcome to the rollercoaster world of fibro!!



Aww lynz,

So pleased you got a doctor to listen to you.:)

Dont feel a numpty for crying as it proberbly helped you by him knowing how much it was affecting you and how genuine you are.

What did he offer for you hun?

kel xxx


well he said i should go back on amitrityline ,and if and when the other lot sighn me off i can be refered to pain clinic from him so i was pleased that im not being ignored :)


Chuffed for you hun, i couldnt do without my amitriplyn.

kel xxx


Hi Lynz

glad all went well at Docs hope things go well for you

don't worry about being emotional we all do it

have a good week

Faith Peace love

Brother in Pain



Hi i too was written off for want tof a better word or phrase by rheumatology las t july he gave me a fibro pamphlet and said he would write to my GP!!!! and thats it back in the hands of my GP who by the way is fantastic but i am doing all i can, Physiotherapist does not want to see me either they told me it was a waste of time having any physio so it is tablets /patches and whatever else helps which to be honest aint alot lol take care love to you Diddle x


thank you christine and everyone for your support xxx


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