CAKE ON ITS WAY !!!!!!!!

Well i must be just about back to normal as my mum called me last night she had tried out a new recipe she got off her friend it was for rhubarb cake so she baked me one and is bringing it round today so thats good yummy yummy cant wait to eat it and such a shame my daughter wont eat it so i will have to eat it all by myself Awww what a shame lol

love Diddle x

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  • Morning diddle ,

    nice cake share it with us please Lol hope you enjoy it sun out here now cold though hope you have a good day .

    soft hugs )))) Allan x

  • what time do you want me to come round then?! Hey we could have virtual elevenses! enjoy xx

  • i love rhubarb . enjoy xx

  • Im in for virtual elevenses!!!

  • Diddle great to hear from you am glad that you are getting cake sounds like the old diddle is back take care and enjoy the rhubarb cake lots of love and gentle hugs Violet

  • Hi Diddle, the cake sounds lovely :) Nice to hear your eating cake. Means you must be getting better.

    Hug & love to you. Helen xx

  • Yum yum xx

  • It's funny, I always know when a blog is from you Diddle, even before I've seen your name!!! You and your cake!!! Lol. Gentle hugs, hun. xx

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