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Hello everyone sorry I have not been around

I have been so busy lately, once the cottage had been restored to its former glory I decided to sell up here in Yorkshire and relocate to Lincolnshire to be near my daughter and family as life is not getting any easier now I am 61. The house is sold subject to contract and I have bought a 2 bed bungalow (subject to contracts etc) YAYYY begone stairs...

You might recall me talking about my new baby granddaughter Alice, the first girl... she is now 18months old and is big sister to Amy who arrived on 19th March this year, have managed to change my profile photo to show me holding Amy the day after she was born. Yesterday the girls big brother Ben turned 8, where did those 8 years go.

My little man Oren is now 3 and going to be a big brother in November too although he says not ha ha..

Life has been hard since I lost my soulmate hubby in December 2012 and then my Mum in March 2013... but then God sent me two baby girls to love and now there is another grandbaby on the way.

Feel lucky to have the love of these beautiful children. But at the same time I need to relocate as I want to be near my daughter and the three bairns, here in Yorkshire I have a stepson, daughter in law and grandson but its not just quite the same. My daughter in law cannot help me much as she has mental health problems and I feel when my condition is really bad I can ask my daughter Katie to do anything for me, she is such a lovely young lady... almost 36 now but always my baby ha ha and absolutely my pride and joy.

Hope my long winded message finds you as comfortable as you can be and sending my best wishes and gentle hugs to you all. Angie

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Hello Angie,

How lovely to read your message, Thank you.

I'm new to the site and do tend to get a little lost at times - I go to make a comment then realise- whoops that is months old! Ekkkk.

At the moment I'm struggling because of health etc to make posts because its easy on my mobile (but with no funds- that has to go anyday now)

I do get the laptop out but that's it I'm off in computer land and before I know it I've got a thumping pain in my head as I've been staring at the screen far too long and realise that I haven't had anything to eat or drink for many hours.

Oh dear so sorry this wasn't going to be a whinge about me.

I wanted to say, well done you for making a very brave and huge decision to move, I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Although the road ahead may not be a smooth one instantly it will be soon.

This will be a good thing for you, your daughter and your grandchildren - how wonderful. Having little people around can really give your spirit a lift, their giggles, funny little ways, looks and comments all help enormously.....especially when you give them back after a few hours! All the fun and not too much of the mess.

I don't have any of my own but have many that I'm Auntie Pea to - my ten month old nephew is a complete joy as he is just crawling and his mummy keeps us updated via Whatsapp texts and videos. I hope your step-son and daughter in law will do the same for you.

Good luck with your exchange and move - remember to pack the kettle and cups so you know where they are!! ha ha.

Best wishes- thanks for reading - if you got this far! ;)


Thank you for your lovely reply. Feeling a bit fed up now as the buyers have just pulled out.. cannot believe my luck or the lack of it. x


Oh no sorry to hear that - you have to say that they were not meant to be the people in your cottage.

Focus on your plans, get packing, set up skype for speaking to Stepson's family etc.

Before you know it the right person (and not a time waster) will be just around the corner and knocking on your door. Be careful of those estate agents - make sure you get what you want, they are keen to suggest devaluing properties just as quickly as they pop them on the market for you.

Sometimes when I am feeling fed up, I get on youtube and listen to songs of yesteryear - normally a quick and cheap way to cheer myself up. (just don't go into listening to the slow love songs or you'll need tissues then :) )

TC Pea

Sorry long one again - am touch typist so don't realise how quickly words go am a chatterbox!! ha ha.


I am a touch typist too... or I was ha ha.

Thank you for your message honey. I love a chatterbox.

My daughter Katie said the same thing, they were not meant to be here which is a loving home that has many happy memories of my late hubby and me laughing and loving life. A few sad ones when he was terminally ill and prior to all that happening when I had to have major surgery to have a kidney removed... but we were there for each other, looking after each other through thick and thin. Perhaps he did not like the look of them and decided he wanted someone who is going to love our cottage.

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PS I need tissues when I hear songs from mine and hubbys life, our wedding or whatever... but sometimes now I manage to smile x


Well done you - thats the way to deal with it :) You gave me a chuckle thinking of your hubby saying ohhh don't want them to have our cottage - I'll bet he had something to do with it.

Sounds like you haven't always had the easy route in life but you always found a way through and although you have lost your hubby, you know the value of having a wonderful loving family around you. Enjoy the journey, the whole process may have a few bumps but in the long term they will be totally worth it.

I'm going offline now - hope to catch you another day or feel free to pm me if you would like.

Remember to focus on the future - it's why we have eyes in the front and not the back!! tee hee. TC Pea xx

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Reading your post and then scrolled down and saw that the buyers had pulled out. We have put an offer on a bungalow that has been accepted and are now hastily trying to get our house up to scratch to put on the market. We have been in our house 35 years and do not want to move as I have a lovely garden etc and it is on good transport links but neither of us can manage it now so it is an enforced move.

Unfortunately, was never able to have children so don't know the joy of having a grandchild let alone a few but it must be wonderful.

I do not know what I would do without my OH as we met at school when we were 16 and as he isn't well either are hopefully a great support to each other.

As Pea says they probably weren't right for your cottage it will need a special couple to buy it so fingers crossed they will come along soon.

I am also a touch typist and sometimes I am aghast when I read my posts as I could rattle on for England. Let us know how you are getting on and whether new buyers pop up.x

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Aww we are all typists together then Rosewine. Wishing you the best of luck with the sale of your own house, it seems a lot of hard work. I had already started packing up some boxes well I say I had, my niece did most of it. Luckily it was things I do not need every day so decided to leave them packed up for whenever I find someone to love my cottage.



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