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Went to a pamper evening..............Boy it was good ....suffering now !!!!

Hi not been on here for a few days as not been too good....went to the pool and walked up and down....showered and came home for nothing for 3 days .but gonna try again. tomorrow I hope ;-)

Well last night I went to a Pamper evening with my daughter and her friend,took Indie my little scooter,it was lovely. I had a back and shoulder's massage very gentle one...and a hand massage. I felt good...saw lots of people I have not seen since being ill last year. All done while sat on Indie :-)

After we came out of there my daughter said "Its not very busy at the Karioke (not sure on spelling )do you want to pop in for an hour? " so on my scooter off I went with them to the club. it was so great to get out ,last time I went out was new year! well we had a laugh and sang a few songs everywhere was scooter friendly :-) at the end of the night we won the £20 bar token !! ;-) Again saw lots of people I had not seen for ages....My OH came and picked me up before the night clubbers swarmed the place.........I was all smiles:-)

Got home watched some Children in need and then OH helped me to bed......Two hours later still awake and in lots of up for the loo then had to call OH and ask him if he could put me back in bed...something I cannot do is lift my legs! Read a bit still no sleep.....tossed and tried to turn ,pain not easing.......eventually at 8 o-clock I thought I just as well get up no sleep for this little hobbit tonight........Had to wake OH again as my chair lift extention was not down. :-( Now I have a very grumppy husband who has had to go back to bed :-( and me well I am shattered by not able to lay down today.

I don't think I would change anything I did last night tho,because it made me feel half human again.....but it just goes to show that although I sat on my scooter for a few Muscles were not amused! ;-)

Am sending you all ((((((((((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))))))))))))) and a pleasent weekend x

Rainbow x x

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Rainbow sounds like you had a lovely evening even though you suffered later. Hope you do not too many problems today :) be gentle on yourself :) have a pleasant weekend xgins


thanks Gins will try too x x x

You too x x

rainbow x


Its good to get out now and again even though we know we will suffer for it. I also went out last night and am in even more pain than usual but HEY WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOPPEE, vertical instead of horizontal is good.

Gentle hugs from me to you (((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))


Gentle ((((((((((((((((((((Hugs ))))))))))))))))))) back to you x


Hi rainbow dancer, I'm a therapist who has fibro amongst other things. when you had your masssges did the therapist explain to you of the healing reactions you should expect, after any treatment it is not unusual for old symptoms to flare up for approx 24hrs, it's all part of the healing. With the massage the toxins in your body will have been shifted around in order for you to expell them through your skin or through going to the loo. Hopefully you should feel better today and remember to drink plenty of water. xx


Thanks Mandy yes she did tell methat but I do crystal healing and hot stone massage when I am well,so I knew that too. But thanks for pointing that out. I got worse today as went for hydro and got cramp.

Gentle hugs x x


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