My house is very quiet

Thanks to everyone who offered advice for my sick budgie on Sunday. Our little bird died on Sunday night. Very sad but he was very old. This is the first time in 19 yrs that there hasn't been a budgie chirping away and it feels very strange. Not sure what we are going to do now. Having some work done in the house in March so can't really think of getting another one because of all the dust and also next door's cat getting in if the workmen leave the doors open. But that gives us time to think about it.

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  • Sorry to hear that your budgie died Panda, but I think deep down that you were expecting it. It doesn't make it any easier, and you miss your pet so much when they die. I hope the work in your house goes well, and as you said, it will give you time to think if you want to have another budgie.

    Love GJ. XX

  • Aw. So sorry to hear about your budgie. I know birds are amazing, loving and loveable pets. I have an eleven year old African Grey parrot who I love equally as much as my husband and children. I often worry about what I would do without her. Hope you feel better soon and, perhaps, in time make plans to get another bird to fill your home with joyful noise!

  • Hi Apple4me, I see you an African grey so do I, I've had him since he was 16weeks old, he is now 16 yrs old, and can talk the hind leg off a donkey, and I would miss him so much, in fact he helped me really when I lost my dear Sophie and Ben my dogs they died about a couple of months ago, within two weeks of each other, I know they aren't the same and don't give the same kinda love if that's the correct meaning to what I'm trying to say, but the mere fact I had to keep going for him helped, the only trouble is he keeps calling them and then telling them to wait there, just as I did lol, he's my baby too and I would miss Jasper big time, I'm just hoping that one of the younger members of the family ie granchildren will want to take him on when I leave the planet cos they live till around 80 yrs of age don't they....enough of my prattling on, take care , hugs...Dee xx

  • Hi Dee. Yes, my grey is called Kezi and she's 11. You might be able to see her in my photo. She's there, perched on my shoulder, just like she is right now. Kezi is just as loving to me and at least as intelligent as a dog, though she's not all that nice to the rest of my family! We used to have a Labrador and she would call him and tell him to sit down. She stopped eventually. They forget if they don't hear you saying it. My eldest is nearly 8. He says he'll look after Kezi when I'm gone! I've heard greys only live til about 40 years. I didn't think they lived as long as the bigger parrots like Macaws. Nice chatting to you Dee. Prattle on! So do I! A x

  • So sorry to hear about your budgie panda, at least you didn't have to move him from own home and distress him in order to take him. To the vets, all animals they are so much company especially once they start talking, thinking of you ...hugs...Dee xx

  • Hello Panda. I know how you feel. I lost my canary who was 16. He was a little character - even came in the caravan with us.

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