I said to my partner last night i am dying my hair today as it is coming through few little bitsof grey he looked and said that not grey it blonde lol i dont think so it is def bits ogf grey so poundland nomber 10.01 light blonde and 25 mins later hey presto i all blonde again ha ha i having hair cut on fri so thought i would do it before i wnt i cant afford £40 for foils when poundland looks jus as good lol and even my brother in law said to me your hair looks lnice diddle (my sister was not impressed lol she said he dont even notice her hair lol typical that is so give it a try . my daughter has bought the poundland black dye and was impressed with that too

love to you all miss blonde bombshell(not) diddle x

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  • ive bought them for my daughters aswell ,they are good ,and both my daughters have really long hair so when you have to buy 3 each its defo where i go £6 as apposed to £36 bargain ! :) xxx

  • thats a good tip diddle! ty. ive just found my first few grey hairs - not bad for 43yo bird but hair dye poss just around the corner!

    have a lovely day hon xx

  • i will try it , i do mine every 6 weeks , ty that sounds like a bargain x

  • I am a fan of Superdrug own brand as it doesn't irittate my skin but will have to try pound land. xxx

  • I use poundlands hair dye it is fab especially at £1 ...

    I had looked at it thinking is it ok and a lady next to me bought some her hair was fine so we chatted and I have never looked back :-)

  • Hi Diddle i agree to dying my own hair (cannot lye in hairdressers seat at washing basin ) They are not grey hairs.....THEY ARE ORGANIC SILVER STREAKS LOL, that is what i call them.

    Hope you had a cuppa & a peice of cake during the prosess, i think we feel better when you have our hair the way we like it. Take care & hope you are having a good day, luv n hugs Mary xx. P S Brunett lol.

  • I visited my mum on Thursday, it was a sunny day and I was sitting by the window when she suddenly said 'I didn't realise you had grey hairs'. Unfortunately tact went out of the window when she was diagnosed with vascular dementia last year lol! I cant die my hair as I have trouble with my scalp, eczema/psoriasis )-:

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