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Today my daughter gave me my lap top back as she got the internet on her phone so she doesnt use m laptop any more so now i can sit in more comfort and type away rather than on a diing room chair only trouble is i will be tempted to take it to bed with me and start ranting in the earlt hours mmmm maybe thats not such a good idea love to you all Diddle x

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oh i dont know diddle i look forward to turning on the laptop evrymorning to lots of diddle blogs ,brightens up my day ,and you could write pages and pages lol

love to you xxx


aw thankyou i think lynn fm would be telling me off bless her if i hijacked the website with all my blogs love to you diddle x


Hey Diddle, if you take the laptop to bed it will become joined at your hip!! Now that would be painful when you try lying on your sofa curled up with your little doggy wouldnt it. Glad you have it back though, dont know what I would do without mine now. I can stretch out on my recliner and blog till my hearts content. xxx


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