Well i say woo woo it is a samsung galaxy ace if that means anything to any of you it is a touch scren one i am not very good with new phones etc so i do hope it is ok to use or it will be going back i have a 7 day cooling off period so if i dont like it i can send it back which may well be the case with me as i just dont get phones and all they do anyway i have picked it in purple but i will be buying a pink case and acceories for it off ebay only £2,99 to protect it and the screen and i think you can buy like a stylus so it easy to write on the screen we will see what my blogs are like after having phone for few days will it be woo woo or boo hoo ? love to you all diddle xxxx

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  • Hi diddle, I have the same phone, I got it in may and I love it. I'm not into mobile phones but this one has been great and I can't believe how much I use it now. I hope you find yours really good to use and"happy blogging" xx Alert

  • It also has predictive text and you have to check it has chosen the correct word. I didn't check last blog before submitting and it signed of my name as "alert" instead of my name Aileen lol xxx

  • Jealous diddle.i had i phone,had to sell it.but gt a htc hero for my birthday and love it.ive pimped my phone with pink too.enjoy diddle great phone.x

  • I've got same phone Diddle and I love it, x

  • Hi Diddle! That's a great phone -enjoy! Just to let you know, when our Fibro App is released, it will defo work on that phone! A.x

  • i have the same phone its great the only thing i dont like is the noise it makes when you are sending text mesages ,

  • OH cant wait to get it now i am still waiting so i think it will bw here fri now as getting a bit late in the day isnt it love to you all diddle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thats what I've got Diddle and it is not bad, needs charging quite a bit but I generally just plug it in at night. The touch screen is easy to use once you've got the hang of it ad it's brilliant having a qwerty keyboard. If you turn the phone sideways it makes the keys bigger too. I hate predictive text so never use it and Mason you can turn the sounds off if you want using the settings menu xx

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