Well gonna pack my bag in a bit as myself partner and my wonderful parents are taking me to London for a break they know i have had not a very good year and they have done so veryu much for me they really have they even bought me round a £100 to spend there on wed as they know i dont have alot of money i had managed to save just over £100 to take as they have paid for everything else for me the hotel /train etc so i thought that was nice of them :)

My daughter is house and dog sitting and her friend is moving in but she is a good girl she respects my home as my daughter does so no wild parties lol and it has all been decorated and new carpet and furniture through out so i know my daughter will be panicking about all that lol but she is 19 so she will be fine .

love to you all diddle xxxx

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  • Have a lovely time. It will be hot hot hot in London.


    Jackie xx

  • Hope you have a GR8 time enjoy take care we are off to sunny Devon with our Family for our only Holiday this year so we will enjoyn it to soft hugs

    )))))) Allan x

  • oh how lovely you will enjoy it there beautiful place i have heard enjoy the sun woo woo love diddle x

  • Have a wonderful time .. you may pass me on your way .. I live not from london .. I am on a boat trip today from chatham docks and up the river thames to watch the barge race ..

  • enjoy x

  • enjoy yourself

  • Have a Great time diddle xxx

  • Have a fantastic time Diddle. Dont forget to buy CAKE in london. lol hug & love to you. Helen xxx

  • late reply but hope you have an awesome time love and gentle hugs from a newbie! purpleblossom xxx

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