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woo woo hot bath time

well i am now going to sink my body into hot bath to ease my aching painful bones it will give me a bit of rest bite but its nice while it does then sit on sofa with mty lucozade and heat and massage pad behind me before i tramp up to bed at 11 only to be awake most of the night and it all starts again tomorrow, but you never know the pain taking fairy may come and magic my pain away ????!!!! what do you think the chances of that are???? love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxx

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Hey Diddle. I can totally emphasis with you! I was in so much pain a couple of days ago that even though it felt weird to do it during the day, I just had to soak in a hot bath. Nothing else was working but the bath, full of salts and Radox, helped a bit. My ribs in particular have been causing me so much pain and discomfort lately and I've no idea why. I can't even wash my hair because I can't lift my arms up for long enough in the shower, and my ribs and back hurt to much to lean over the bath!

My sleep has been all over the place lately and can't remember the last time I slept a full night without waking in pain. Good luck with the pain taking fairy, and if you get a visit, perhaps you could give him/her a list of people from our group to visit too?! Hugs. x


Hi kestrelflyer,

sorry i have just noticed that you ahev said your ribs are hurting.

Mine have hurt now for atleast 3 years with no relief at all.

It hurts when i lean over to have my hair washed, it hurts with my bra on i always unloosen it when in the house, they even hurt when i breathe.

When i have a flare with them it feels like a crushing and sickly feeling.

Just wondered if this is similar to yours?

kel xxx


Ahhh Bath time My favorite times of the day ( I cant function in the mornings with-out one ,and I have another before bed to help settle my pain ) Hope you enjoyed it x


OOOh Bath time bliss, and if you get a vist from the pain taking fairy, be sure to put my name on the list lol, Gentle Hugs Lou x


lol will do i will make sure he/she comes and sprinkles the magic fairy dust on you all i am not a greedy person now going to sit with my massaging back rest. we really are a poor sad old lot arent we lol love to all and have a good night/9well you know what i mean!!!!!!!!????!) love and soft hugs Diddle xxxxx


Correct me if I'm wrong...but doesn't Lucozade contain caffeine? I wonder if you would sleep better if you had a drink that didn't contain caffeine. I like a drink made with cranberry juice. But I know what you mean about liking Lucozade. I really like the cherry flavour, but I've cut out fizzy drinks in an attempt to lose some weight. Not easy when you're not very mobile!


Yes you may well be right but to be honest i dont have lucozade all the time i mainly have jus squash and makes no difference to my sleep lol but thankyou for that you never know some odd things do work for different people. i hope you find a way to lose some weight as it is hard if you cant move about very much, thats one thing at least at the min i have not got to worry about i am only size 6/8 which my doctor says is good for this condition but i really could do with a bit on perhaps i can have some of yours ha ha , oh well you have a lovely day love and soft hugs Diddle x


Oh dear - I'm more than twice your size - I wish I could slice a bit of me off and send it to you - then we both might feel better :D I haven't got much left to give up, said goodbye to Lucozade last summer. I go to a "gentle exercise" class for people with various health conditions. Not sure I burn many calories though. Enjoy your Lucozade - you've got to have some pleasures in life :)


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