Well 2 people have turned up and offered £450 as it needs work for mot and then a man text me he sw car yesterday had quick look mround it he was working and from colchester and offered me the same price so sort of a pattern emerging here !!!! so i sai no i cant take that he then offered £500 so i tried to get him to 550 but he said the work alonre would cost so much and in the same min a e mail from gumtree came through from a girl offering 500 today too so i thought ok but can you collect car today ? bearing in mind he is 2 hours away he said yes i will leave at 1 pm and pay cash so ithought it was the best thing to do as i said next week it has got 4 months tax and mot so would be worth less just got to tell my dauhghter now she will prob have a hissy fit they think that they can get what you paid for them i wish but there you go

the bloke jus text to say nhe was on his way and to be filling inthe log book with his deytails as not the sort of day to hang about so sounds genuine enough

just hope rain stops lol

gutted i put £5 petrol in it yesterday as thought i would be going up to my daughters 30 mins away thurs in it never mind love to you all diddle x

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  • yay :) glad you sold it xxx

  • yay me too jus gotta tell daughter she wanted bout £700 for it but that aint gonna happen she may be ok if not you know what there like they will stomp a bit then thats it love to you diddle x

  • Glad you have got it sold diddle. :) xxxxxx

  • me too jazher and the rain is stopping too so thats good love diddle x

  • Glad you sold the car diddle is this not a good excuse to buy cakes to celebrate lol hugs squidley

  • Yay well done, know you would get there in the end xxxxxxxx

  • Cars are a nightmare to sell these days, no-one wants to offer the asking price do they. Glad you have sold it tho Diddle, a weight off your shoulders I bet. xx

  • Thats a weight off your mind pleased it has sold at last x x x

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