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Argos text me yesterday to say my new sideboard and another unit will be here today between 10 and 12 and the driver will text me an hour before delivery which is good isnt it you normally get a time slot of 7 to 7 pm which is a bit annoying

the only thing is it is flat pack and as you know me and flat pack are not the best of partnerships but lucky for me my daughter who is 19 is fantastic at them but she will be at work so my dad said he would come round as soon as it gets here and put it ll together so that was kind of him

so my dining room will be complete

oh well that is my day sorted i will be the supervisor for my dad lol

love to you all diddle xxxxxxx

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oh wow so pleased for you it has been a long wait but at last you get to have the rom you really want (((((((hugz))))))) petal


yeah it was because the sideboard was out of stock and you pay for delivery so silly to pay qwx delivery when i only had to wait extra 2 weeks yeah it should look good love diddle x


how lovely for you diddle it is lovely when you have something new for your home take care love beth x


i HATE flatpack lol, but got a brill dad who doesnt xx


Lovely something to look forward to its great wen you finally accomplish something - even if it generally takes us fibre suffered that little bit longer :-) hopefully you will enjoy some fine dining in your new room for many yrs, to come :-)


Oh how lovely, won't be long then you can sit back and enjoy it :) x


Great. news diddle, i do think Argos deliveries are quite good. My only problem was a flatpack wardrobe unit that they refused to take upstairs so i had to take it all out the boxes and lug it upstairs. Tsk was nearly the end of me lol. Did feel quite pleased with myself though when i managed to assemble it...took a few days and some careful planning, but there was no rush.

Enjoy the new dining room, shame we can't put pics on here.

Take care

Jan H xx


Wow, indeed. Hope it all went according to plan. As you say, Argos usually just give you a day. When I had my lovly new Vax delivered I did have to wait in the whole day until they finally delivered at 6.50pm. Still it's great to have a new hoover that actually works and makes it possible to hoover when before with the old one I couldn't manage it most days.

Thank god for lovely Dad's too. Mine builds all my flatpacks for me!

I thought we could attach pics by the way or are there rules about personal pics? If we're allowed, a pic would be fantastic!


Christine x


i think you can put pic on if you wanyt but i dony do that lol i not really up on downloading pics and i dont really know what i am doing love diddle x


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