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WOO WOO :) :)

Just sat here relaxing when i heard a huge thud on the door mat went through to hall and there it was big brown envelope addressed to me ???

It is my D L A application pack just come through so thats all good

i have got to fill in as much as i can and then i have an appointment with my local

D.I.A.L on 21 May to fill int he rest with me

oh well i cant be bothered to do it today will have a look in next few days i got 3 weeks before i go

love to you all diddle xxxx

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I went to cab they filled it all in fir me gud luck x


Hi diddle, i have mine too, i have some nice lady from the ME association comming to help me on the 11th may, good luck with yours. :) xxxxx


good luck to you both too with your forms will be interesting to see if any of us are successful they have stampes mine fron 24th april so i presume that means if i am successful my allowance will be backdated to that date ? love to you diddle x :)


Good luck with it Diddle and to everyone else doing it too :) xx


Hi, you may find it a good idea to go to the CAB to get it filled in as they helped me. They can word answers to thequestions in a particular way as they do it so often. it took me 18mths to win my appeal and I used the CAB to fill in my last form and between that and a medical from the benefit doctor i actually won.

Remember to answer the questions based n the worst day as every day - even though I know 'we' dont have good days! Also get as many reports as ou can from your gp, consultants etc; the more you hae the better! good luck, hugs xx


hi poppy 03 i am going to D.I.A.L to have them fill in the form they do same as CAB but thankyou for that anyway not going to have it done until 21 may but will let you know how it goes love to you all diddle x


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