My daughter has just been for her 12 week scan and her and her partners baby is due on 16th january and they find out what they are having 5th set the day before my birthday woo woo i am so excited as she lost twins last year she lost one then went back for a scan and the heartbeat had gone so she had to hace a d and c but lets look forward baby number 3 on its way woo woo love diddle x

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  • congratulations! its great been a grandma got 4 and 2 more on the way! Hope all goes well for your daughter in her pregnancy x

  • Congrats nanny diddle lol.

    Im soo pleased.x

  • me tooi am so pleased all is well love diddle x

  • congratulations diddle it is always good to hear good news take care love beth xx

  • Congratulations to you Diddle :-) Fantsatic news ...... I am truely blessed with 5 beautiful grandchildren and they truely do brighton up my life, and keep me smileing, i call them my little cherubs :-)

    love and gentle hugs Jackie xxxxx

  • Awww thats gret news congratulations Diddle. x x x x

  • Hi diddle congratulations no better way to start off the new year. we have 2 grandaughters but only see one reg as one lives in Norwich 7hr drive away. soft hugs xx

  • wow norwich that 40 mins from me lol love to you diddle x

  • congrats diddle nothing better im goin to b a nanna again aswell in feb my daughter- in - law is having baby number 2 they have a little boy Owen so a pink one wud b nice this time lol but if its blue that will b super .i already have a 15 yr old grandson matthew with my eldest daughter he is such a great boy im so proud of him n he has had a great school report this yr .soft hugs tofty

  • yes thet would like a girl i suppose but like my daughter says you hear so many things and she naerly lost our second grandson to strep b memningitis at 6 days old she really does not mind just wants a head/body /2 arms /2 legs and what is betwwen thoselregs is irrelevant all you want to hear is it is a HEALTHY BABY so i totally agree with yoiu oh wel we findout 5th sept day before my birthday :) best present ever love diddle x

  • Congratulations,wonderful news! xxx

  • Many congratulations Diddle I hope the pregnancy goes smothly and all is well with Mum and x gins

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