Men coming this morning to lay my bathroom carpet they wont be here long as only 8ft by 8ft so wont take long , cant wait to see it . it is what really finishes the room off then will go and meet my youngest daughter on her lunch hour and maybe pop to see my eldest daughter and grandsons for a bit

IIt is grey and dull out aty the min but not too cold so hopefully the sun will shine and it will warm up later .

love to you all Diddle x

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  • lovely when you have somthing nice and new isnt it , hope you enjoy the finished product when you have your bath later :-D

  • Have a good day with your family nice to get out with them we had a GR8 time with ours last weekend :-) soft hugs ))) Allan

  • enjoy todayxxx

  • Hay have a real good day Mine is very much like your day I have some one comming to give me a quote on my french doors which need replacing and then I am meeting my partner for lunch and a full on family weekend ahead as its my bro s birthday woooop woooop

  • Hiii diddles, love something new! I love bedding! Have a noice time with daughter xxxx

  • Oh doesn't it make you feel good when it all comes together. I had my bathroom completely redone last summer on the strength of my redundancy. Still can't believe it's my bathroom!!! Hope you have time to relax and enjoy it!! X

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