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WOO WOO !!!!!:)

Going to have fun later trying to get things up on my new netbook that my wonderful daighter bought me cant wait to get mty hands on it it is so light and portable love it love it love it woo woo you must all get one they are so much smaller and lighter than lap top they dont hurt when on lap and are so small to take with you anywhere massive THANKYOU to my daughter for her kindness love yo so much my darlin love diddle x

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Weheyyyy you will be like a child with a new toy lol

Litttle net books are cute! What colour you get ? I am using my dsughters which is pearl pink. I dont have one :-( as it blew a wire sizzled it out! I so need a new one but need one with a drive.

Just make sure your emails are viewable its something to do with internet explorer or is it?!? Hmm forgot now and i nifty! I struggling to view mine so using my phone xxxxxxx let me know though as i with plus net if you having good viewing of emails diddle so i can hav mine sorted out xxxxxxxxgentle hugs xx


Wow, lucky you, good news there then. I had a netbook but due to eye disease couldn't see the screen to read the small print. strange how it morphed into childs room lol.

Enjoy new toy to the max

Cgeers and Take care Jan H


My Mum graduated from a netbook, a cutie blue one, to a 15" laptop just before Xmas there. I loved the light portability the netbook had but I found that the positioning of the touch-pad left a lto to be desired. When I touch typed anything and would accidentally brush against the touch-pad I would start a word/sentence and half way through jump into another line causing me to spend twice as long fixing the errors than I did typing the text.

My Mum found the 10" screen of the netbook too small to read/use comfortably so she upgraded to a 15" Acer Aspire laptop.

I can type accurately without touching the touch-pad at all and can read/use the screen without straining my eyes too much. Still miss be able to sit it in my lap as easily as the added size of the bigger laptop makes that uncomfortable to do.

Grr ... all pros and cons.

Regardless I had a lot of fun with the netbook as long as I didn't try to type too much. Otherwise it was great to use. Quick to load, shut down and easy to carry around and use while sitting it on my lap even lying down in bed on bad days or at night when I couldn't sleep.

Have fun, my pc and my Mum's laptop are my lifelines to the outside world and keep me going on bad days when I can't move or even leave bed. At least I'm not trapped indoors staring at four walls going bonkers.

The internet is a great tool and proves you don't need to be physically able to run around like a headless chicken to have a life.


Diddle great to see you back on site, I really missed you. You have a daughter in a million I too have a daughter like her and I would really be lost without her we are more like sisters than mother and daughter. The site has been very quiet without you. Take care and gentle hugs Violet


It was you! I'm not going mad after all.

Enjoy x


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