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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

I had my first Occupational Therapy appointment today and came away feeling like someone actually understands me.

She gave me a carrier bag full of leaflets and contacts to get help with adapting me bathroom etc. Sent me away with 2 wrist supports, which after 2 hrs i noticed the pain in my right arm/shoulder lessening.

Im feeling much more positive now. Also the fact i have started taking Amitriptyline to help with sleep. I had a full undisturbed 10 hrs night before last, Brain fog is not as bad either.

Im getting a grip on Fibro, not the Fibro getting a grip on me.

I hope you all find what works for you very soon.

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Hi Jennie, glad to hear you are kicking fibro into shape! Its all about knowing your body and responding to how its feeling, do what you can when it is good and rest when it is bad. I know sleep is a big problem for most of us and I often say if I get a few good nights sleep I can cope much better - I wish!.

Anyway, thanks for the positive feedback, take care, Angela xx


Thats Brilliant, and am so happy for you, its just so nice to hear some positive news for a change, good on on hun, love and hugs xxxx :-)


hi what a lovely positive blog good for you thats great news , i wear those wrist supports they do help i got carpal tunnel too they not so gret when you got short sleeves on but ok when you got jumper on lol love to you diddle x


Hi jennie,

I am soooo pleased for you, you sound really positive. :)

Amitriplyn is wonderful for me and i cant sleep without it. Good luck and i hope this carries on for you hun, :)

hugs, kel xxx


thats brill news ,so glad you found a good oc ,and i love your pic :) xxxx


Thank you ladies,

The wrist supports are wonderful, really making difference even in such a short space of time.

I used to take i Ami years ago for insommnia and it was not nice i felt like a zombie all the time. But I seem to be ok this time around.

Thank you all for you comments, I hope you all find the help that you need. xxx


Hi. So happy for you Jennie.Fibro is there to be beaten not it beat you!

Ami is not for me but citalopram is my bed friend.Warm weather and rest also has great affect on my Fibro but cannot afford hot holidays every month(Bo ho)


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