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Occupational Health appointment at work

Had great meeting with occupational health other day, lady I saw really had done her homework on fibro and showed a great understanding about my fibro, and how it has been affecting me personally. Has put forward all recommendations that I had already asked from my employers. No more wake night shifts, maximum of 4 shifts then at least a rest day and support not to feel pressured that I need to pull extra shifts. Spoke with employers straight after meeting and as I do rotas, just to adjust so I can follow her recommendations. Back to work on Monday after a very difficult, stressful and painful last few months, heres to coping better with my work commitments. feeling a lot better although still not 100% but on the road to feeling a bit more positive once again in regards to my health. I just feel so lucky to have employers that value my work and dedication to my job and will do anything to ensure that they can help me cope with my fibro as much as possible xxx :-) xxx

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Hello there,so pleased it went well for you,make it easier doesn`t it.

And glad you can stay in work.

Hugs Butterfly54xx


that is so positive! i really do hope it works out for you. sounds like you willhave the support you need. xxx


well that is great news for you i am so pleased what a lovely positive blog gives us all a real boost love to you diddle x


Hi weeme,

Its nice to read a positive post. :)

Its good to know there are somegood understanding people out there.

Good luck with your new hours and i hope it helps you loads. :)

take care, kel xxxx


thanks all, means a lot for me to stay at work as I do love my job and want to try and work as long as possible xx


Ive just been to see my occupational health, I didnt feel very positive with how she spoke to me.I am just hoping that the report she writes will help my employer to understand and they will help me cope with my job.


I am due to see Occ Health next Wednesday, 5 weeks after my return to work interview, and after I've had to really push the issue. I'm also worried that the person that I see, don't know if it'll be a nurse or a dcotor yet, will understand about fibro and what it is, symptoms etc. etc. There are so many medical professionals out there that simply do not know about or understand it at all.

I remain hopeful that they will take the time to find out about it beforehand, and listen to what I'm saying to them.


i went 2 c a occupational health official, she was really nice and understandin w set up some guidelines for my work, i hav social anxiety an ocd aswell as fibro, so the requirements were i couldn't be moved from my department and i worked my hours up by an extra hour a week with no pressure 2 do more. my employer didn't follow the guidelines so i was signed off again that was 6 months ago and w still haven't came 2 a comprimise so im so happy there are employers out there that can help im just with the one's


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