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Occupational Health????

I m looking for some advise.... OH have had a report from my GP informing them of problems I'm having at work. GP advised no PC continuous work...on PC......OH advised if they wrote this I would be Unemployed so we agrees a 75/25 split...So employer decide to send me to Capabilities as I refused to change my days from 3 to 5 to accommodate this 75/25 split...I challenged OH report saying 75/25 was not saying 4/2 hrs but the work was to be split PC 75 and offline 25. So now it's back to OH to ask them to reassess me and this 75/25 split....I personally feel again it will come back and they wil intteprit it as She can work 4 hrs so change her days so her hours are over more days.....this is just impossible as many sufferers will know Fibromyalgia/ migraines are making work impossible. So the advise I'm hoping I can get is do I just agree to do my full hours with minimal changes or do I hope this 75/25 split is better explained to my employer this time. How on earth can I get OH to understand it's over a day not work 4 hrs offline 2 hrs!!!!! Also informed by my Union unless I show reasonable adjustment I'm making I have no scope for compensation if they sack me or I resign to keep a good reference. I have next meeting Saturday morning and my Husband is going to prticipate to ensure they don't put words I. My mouth again..... Sorry for long post just at my wits ends here xxxxxx

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They are not allowed to give a bad reference.

There should be a PC health and safety use policy. Everyone needs a breack, was after 45 mins 5 yrs ago. Workplace HAVE to meet your requirement, by making very legally unclear "reasonable" adjustment. As long as a non PC job exist that you can do, even if it means moving other staff, they have to accommodate.I was a rep. Start gathering PC data of job available, email yourself all relevant policies. Will be equality and diversity, health and safety in PC use. Any evidence you cam spy about adjustment they made for others, or like staff doing managerial duties you can tale over with training if necessary. This is prep, in case it hors to court and you don't have an incident. Policies can be obtained

But if it changes let say a month during your case. The orriginal I beleive apply. Just get organised. Wait for an OH specialist and current for further advice. If you're UK, they can't just sack you. You can claim breach of contract, unfair treatment. Fail dissability re company dissability requirement, plus go to town and go to press

Risky for them. Be polite. But assertive. Understand your right if you can. Don't nudge. Refuse reduced hours. Good luck sweetie.



Very much appreciated I will most definitely start collecting data xx

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I think that Annunnaki has given you some wonderful advice. I think in all honesty that you will have to stick to your guns as if you can't work the extra days then you are stumped anyhow? Also, I was wondering could your union not speak up for you and try and fight your corner a bit more? I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I wish you good luck. Don't give in-collect your data and know ur rights.

Companies sometimes want to grind you down but don't let them, persevere and it will pay off.

I have seen this type of situ happen to a close friend and she did what you've been advised-even spoke to a few people and collected statements from those who felt unfairly treated-only to back up herself not fight their corner.....she came out a winner and I'm sure you will as well.

Go you!! 😃 TC 🌻

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Thanks all I. Stil data gathering.....more meetings have came back saying I can return to full duties over 4 weeks totally against GP advise but work trying to push this one..... Seeing mental health advocate at work and they trying to push for unpaid Leacock where they will pay my wage until decision made..... Think argument I need to prove is my employer does have offline work...yes we are a computer based office but in the whole the people I work for do have alternative work available it's just not something they do....we preach the rules we don't obey.......


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