i want to learn levetation while sleeping!!

i hate that waking up every few hrs or less with pressure pain, pins n needles, swelling oh its doing me in esp wen i have 2 kids to deal with trying to lift my toddler is getting more n more difficult, i wish i knew how to sleep while levetating above my bed, no pressure points? was thinking of memory foam but it dont seem to matter if my limbs are touching anything thats it. im new here and although had severe probs for yrs only got worse in last yr and i realied it was fibro, tried pregabs and nearly died from losing weight deppression and ibs felt awful, i hate going from 1 drug to another never with positive outcomes only diazapam seems to help they have finnaly stopped asking me to stop them i think they are finnally believing me!!

nice to find this site and seee that im not mad and im not alone, merry meet u all huggles, Tink xxx

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  • Oh what a brilliant idea to levitate while sleeping. What would anchor us to our beds we could float about it would be stupendous I would be a rather large inflatable. Back to earth I find my bed very uncomfortable hence why I get up a 5.oo each morning and totter about..

    Have a good day tinkerfae gentle hugs xgins

  • Thank goodness I am not alone in hating bed.... Yes I get sleep but wake up so stiff and sore I wish I didn't have to go to bed..... I would love to levitate... Has anyone got or tried a water bed.... My friend in Belgium has one that can heat the water up.. But the expense puts me off in case I hated it... And I don't fancy going on an overnight trip to Belgium just to try out a bed.... Maybe I could compromise and between levitating and bed and buy a hammock......just don't try to imagine me getting into it...

    VG x

  • Hi Tinks and welcome to the site, i'm fairly new on here and find great comfort in being on here. Sorry to hear about your struggles and i sympathise on the whole medication thing. I'm very limited to many meds but i am just managing now with the Amatryptaline, fluoxitine and strangely trammadol the latter being a hit and miss for me sometimes i'm fine on it sometimes it reacts, fingers crossed it stays good as fibro is so much worse these days.

    I remeber coping with my Phoebe when she was a toddler and it was so hard and compounded by the fact i was living in Germany where my ex was always away and i went through operation after bloody op due to slipped disks and having my Gallbladder out and cysts on Overies so i truly do understand the difficulties, my daughter was only 2 and she used to help me around the house and get dressed but those horrid days are over and i'm now getting a bit of a life back well better than then as i have a great man by my side now. But i still have bad bad days. Please talk to us with anything and just because i may not answer doesn't mean i'm not reading xx

    Rachie XX.

  • See bloody fibro i went way of point ( stupid moo to me !!) i also wish i could levitate and often wish i could go float in the deead sea or something like that alas i just deal with it in the pool, although my Paul calls my mum a witch i share no magic powers therefore no levitation lol, must have skipped a generation xxx

  • Ahhh bless you... I often say I want to sleep on a cloud... and imagine it when i am trying to sleep.. all we want is painfree rest... oh and work and play.. Hugs to all xxx

  • thanx to u all xxx im just getting used to the fact there is not much i can do about most the pain except put up and get on!!! nice to be on the site xx

  • I have a memory foam mattress but it doesn't help much to sleep on. I still find it more comfortable to sleep on the settee. I have to sleep alone too. I was awake all night because of this. I just write until I cannot stay awake any longer. Unfortunately, falling asleep that tired is worse because I sleep in the same position for too long and, like you, wake up in more pain. I'd love a trampoline or hammock to sleep on lol.

  • Giggles,

    Sorry just had a vision of gemarella asleep on a trampoline and someone suddenly jumping on it and watching a sleeping airborne gemarella levitating after all

    VG :)

  • :)

  • Levitation - brilliant! If you figure out how to do it please share lol

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