have i really got fibro????

have i really got fibro????

im pretty new to fibro so i dont really understand all the symptoms yet...i just know how i feel each dayand thats downhill more and more.at themo i got a dull headache feeling and no energy,my left arm and shoulder are very painful...when i get up in the morning i have to roll off the bed and i feel like ive been wrestling all nite...very achey. ive been told by 2 diff drs i have fibro but i have soooo many symptoms how can they all add up 2 one problem??? my neck and shoulders feel like i have boulders balancing on them...i have shooting muscle pain down my arms and legs,pain on the back side of my elbows and even my fingers hurt.... ive lost weight and have almost no appitite i have to make myself eat...i sleep for hrs on end and have real trouble opening my eyes....i started having this end dec last yr..... is it fibro?????

thank you for reading

donna xxx

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  • Hi there! from the symtoms you describe it has all the signs of Fibromyalgia,it's such a complex condition and no 2 days can be the same, first make sure your G/P carries out a full blood screen test to rule out any other underlying causes such as arthritis,thyroid problems any other auto immune disorders, and even anaemia! Basically go back to your G/P and hound him till you get a diagnosis,what you are experiencing isn't imaginary it's real and hopefully you have a G/P who believes this to be so! Good Luck Take Care xxx Wishing you well! xxx

  • ty Della.... ive had the blood tests and getting the results in the morning.....my god i never ever thought i would feel this way.... its a cruel desease or wotever it is.....thank you for understanding xxxxxxx


  • p.s .... wots the proper meds i should go on? xxx

  • It's a horrible illness and can be debilitating and excruciatingly painful all over your entire body! This i am sure you know too well already. Medication wise is difficult for me to tell you as i am not a Dr, however a lot of Fibro sufferers take similar meds I take a drug called Gabapentin which acts as a nerve/pain blocking med it doesn't work for everyone but luckily it has for me and a friend of mine who also has Fibro, an anti depressant is widely recommended of which i do take 1 (this doesn't mean you are crazy!) as for actual painkillers it really depends on your G/P as strong ones such as Tramadol can be addictive! I take Co Codamol which does take the edge off especially when i go to bed as this is when things can get really uncomfortable because you want to rest and sleep but this thing that is Fibro doesn't always let you! Hope this has helped a bit,it seems such a lot to take in! xxx

  • hi maddonna Mr fibro dosnt really show up in a blud test,well thats wot i was told at hosp but by the sound of it u def av the symptoms. i was diagnosed 4ys ago(but docs fink iv ad bout 23yrs cos thats ow long iv been goin on bout ow i felt,i new it wasnt mi arthritis) n fort i was goin mad wi all the diff ways i was feelin n the pain n aches my body was avin,sum days worse than others n i mite only hurt in 1 place then 10 mins later all bludi over,i mite b only 4 places i hurt then non...if u get wot i mean...like della 74 sed its real very real.i only join ere 6 days ago n have learnt more bout me in this short time than the docs cud tell me in 4yrs...no,this site carnt cure u but ere ur want,listend t,lvd n most of all UR BLEVED...i no 1st hand,lv fm me xx

  • i am only new on here too and i have found this the most helpful site with so much support i have never interacted with so many people with this condition in such a short space of time,it's brill xxx

  • thank you so much to all that have answered me,,ive only been on here for a few hrs and already feel completly understood....ive also been reading the dla/tribunial blogs and am NOT looking forward to my turn!!!! once again thank you...i will pop in often now...good nite all and try to sleep well xxxxxxx


  • Hi Maddonna and welcome hun to this site,i am a newbie here too and everyone is so understanding and wonderful,i am addicted already and am so thankful for such a brilliant site with so much info and caring.

    I had my tribunal other day,and omg i ended up in tears,but i wont wollo on about that,its all done and dusted now,today is another day,you do sound as if you have fibro,like the others have said it is a very complex illness and so many symptons.Go back to your gp hun and ask to see a neuro specialist,they will defo tell ye,keep smiling hun and gentle hugs to you.hope you feel alittle better later.xxxJules

  • Google the Mayo Clinic and sign up for weekly notices on Fibro, also check out what research they are doing, far ahead of any here in the UK.

  • hi maddonna, nice to meet you . i'm doing "the night shift" AGAIN ! and why = because i have fibro! I dont have all the symptoms and the pain I feel is perhaps not as bad as some have it but i do have other medical things as well like many other people do. as everyone is different and so are their illnesses, it means we are all on different meds. the only pain relief i have is paracetemol. the other meds are for other conditions but help fibro along the way. dont be surprised if you get antidepressants for pain as it seems to be quite common. the folk on here are friendly and helpful and sometimees we have a laugh too. I hope all goes well at gp tomorrow. it would be good if you can go to a specialist like a rhumatologist then when you have to do dla forms you will have someone on your side! there will be a lot of homework to copy! with that have a good sleep tonight and maybe we will all have a chat some other time. good luck soft hugs xxx :)

  • Hi maddonna, I am new to this site as well. Its great. I tried for a long time to deny that I had fybro, until my doc. gently poked the pressure points on my shoulder blades. After I scrapped myself off the ceiling he said "you have fibromyalgia," He basicaly said that although there is no definate test for fibro very tender pressure points is quite possitive. xx

  • well i am in no way shape or form a GP but i have all that you do and my GP diagnosed me with fibro and sent me to a rheumatologist last july who confirmed it so sorry to tell you but i think by what you have said and yiour 2 gp shave said it to welcome to the glorious world of fibro 1 bless ya heart juds come on here if ever your down and fed up you can rant and also someone will make you laugh and also there are lots of helpful tips and advice and the volenteers on here are fantastic and very helpful love to you diddle x

  • Hi, Chris I too am new to this site. I was diognosed with FM just last year, after years of being told I had RA.I found the web links you gave were very helpful as I really am in denial that I have FM. I have just done an 8 week "Living with Fibromyalgi and pain" Course. I have to say I found it rather depressing. I am trying to carry on working, but am finding it very difficult. At 60 bits of me are naturally wearing out anyway! I have always been fiercely independant since I lost my husband. The thought of losing that independence is terrifying. How have others come to terms with this 'THING'? I am going to my Dr. for a medication review on Monday. I keep hearing about Gabapentin. Several on the course took this too. I have not been offered it. I am on Naproxen, Nortriptylin and Omeprozal. I couldn't take Amatriptylin as no matter how early in the evening I took it, I couldn't get up in the morning. Still had the pain & stiffness, but was also like a Zombie! I am finding this site, far more infomative than any other I have come across. Regards Sue.

  • Thanks Chris. Had a quick look at your profile. Hope you don't mind. So many things seem to be the same as my experiences. I had Menigitis in 1998 which the Consultant now thinks was the trigger for my FM. Although it took until May 2011 for them to decide this was what I had!!!! Take Care. Sue. X

  • Hi there maddona,

    Its nice to meet you. :)

    From what you have said it can be likely that you have fibro especially when two docs have said too. I would make sure you have had blood tests for your levels of vitamin d and b12 done too as i never did and i know have deficancies in both.

    I take amitriplyn for sleep and pain in bed. Like you i used to have to roll out of of bed and the morning stiffness was terrible, since taking these i have found it alot easier. They do make you groggy for sometime but i think its worth it.

    I take gabapentin for nerve pain and its far better than any painkillers i just couldnt get through the day without them now and cocodamol for taking edge off my daily pain.

    Nobody is the same regarding tablets and it does take along time to find the right ones for you.

    There is loads of advice in the question bit on here.

    Good luck hun anything you need we will be all here for you.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Maddona I like most of them here Have Fibro my Doc to 5 years to refer me to a rheuatologist and I had all the tests done and it was comfirmed Fibro but I had all the problems for years as you may have guest I am a young 67 year old male Lol not many on here so hope you get sorted soon soft hugs ))))

    Allan .

  • hi maddona,im new on here&new to being told i have FB,im iv just started on amitriptyln to help the jumping&twiching&sleeping,i also take gabbenpentin for nerve damage that i have.iv had symptoms for ages &reading found out that people have different places of pain.its good to get your gps support&anyone elses.im trying to very little at a time,im lucky hubby is my carer.takecare this is a helpfull&friendly group,we can all support each other hugs x

  • Hi i am also new to fibro , i have had pain & symptoms for ages but as another said my gp pressed my groin & when I came down off the ceiling she saId hmm think its fibro, its really difficult to explain every symptom you have but reading these posts & blogs make you feel as if you are not alone & that lots of others are feeling the same as you are, take care everyone x

  • all of you are so right...im glad that at last someone gets me...this really is a fab site....love to you all and thank you all so much for taking the time to read xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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