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occupational therapists

Should I be seeing an occ therapist? I havent seen one before but nearly everyone I speak to sees one. I was diagnosed with fibro 5 months ago, do I need to see a neurologist?

Feeling crap today, gettin stressed about my DLA tribunal on 14th dec, Im fed up trying to justifying myself and my illness. Just been put in the support group for ESA so hopefully tribunal will be positive.

Hope youre all having a good day.


Sue xx

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Hi Dragonfly, you don't necessarily have to see an Occupational Therapist, this is usually arranged by referral. I was referred to a CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Clinic to learn Pacing Therapy. An Occupational Therapist taught me this and how to manage my Fibro and CFS/ME more efficiently as I couldn't manage much at the beginning because my fatigue was exhausting. My OT was a great help and suggested ways to make my life easier to manage.

To quote from an NHS website -

"An occupational therapist can identify problem areas you may have in everyday life, such as dressing or getting to the shops, and will help you work out practical solutions.

By using different techniques, changing your environment and using new equipment , an occupational therapist can help you regain or improve your independence."

If you think you would benefit from having an OT, speak to your GP about this and they can advise you whether or not they think it would be advantageous to you and how to go about arranging this.

Hope this helps! :) (((hug))) xxx


(Reference -


Thanks Libs :) xx


,My pleasure, happy to help any time! :) xxx


I went to see a neurologist privately as I have a movement disorder which is / can be alarming and also at times my body locks-in and I can't move. Neurologist was very unhelpful re most of the things I tried to discus and somewhat haughtily told me that my movement disorder was part of the fibromyalgia spectrum and 'someone' should have told me this!'

I left his office in floods of tears and "200.00 lighter - so that was my experiencce of seeing a neurologist - his opinion was that for fibromyalgia you see a rheumatologist not a neurologist and on a positive note I had no idea about their being a spectrum of fibro so googled it and found a lot of useful information. Worth looking into. Best wishes. Darri (aka MrScamp my dearly departed cat)


Thanks Darri, I am seeing my GP next thursday so I will speak to her then. She is very understanding and sympathetic because she cant believe how bad I am at my age, cos she is the same age as me.

((Hugs)) x


Hi dragonfly45

I got diagnosed in January after 5 years of going backwards and forwards to the Drs. I've been seeing an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist, but unfortunately I've had to push for these as my dr has been really unhelpful. However, I would highly recommend an OT as mine has been able to help with relaxation and helped with controlling the pain. In addition to this I've had splints made for my wrists and one of my knees and this has all helped to make me feel better, particularly in terms of someone listening and taking me seriously (my first sessions always ended up in tears!). Hope this helps Dixieboo


Thanks hun, I will have to ask for a wrist splint too as im having lots of pain in my wrist and its swolloen. Hopefully when i aee my doc next week she will put me in touch with an occ therapist.


I do not have one myself but we will have one to help with our daughters illness. They are assessing me too so it will come as a package I suppose. I never went to a neuro until weird things started happening that neither fibro nor the GP could explain. All my MRIs came back as 'nothing of significance seen', so fair enough. In a years time I may have to go back I may not. I hope things impriove for you soon xxxxx


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