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has anyone had a Colonoscopy?


I have been told i have I.B.S but they are not entirely sure yet what i have. I am having an mri for the stomach and a colonoscopy and possible a biopsy. Has anyone else had this done and what was the outcome (if you didn't mind me asking, that is).

From Kerry29

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Yes, I've had a couple of colonoscopies with biopsy. The outcome was Ulcerative Colitis with a question mark against Crohns disease.


hi lucyw,

oh my i sincerely hope its not crohns. I know of someone who has that and they cannot eat healthily. They have to eat all the fatty foods. plus take meds.


i have ibs just been diagnosed but just taking meds for it althoug they not working that well love to you diddle x


I had a colonoscopy a few years ago Kerry. I was sedated so it was a rather nice 'floaty' feeling. I was aware 'something was going on down there' but it didn't hurt or feel uncomfortable at all. I was just about awake enough to see the screen with the camera wandering about in my insides :)

I had to wait a while at the hospital and then someone came and told me I had IBS. The way they do this now has possibly changed as it was in the 90's.

I've had an mri on my back - last year - and that was fine. The machine is very noisy and clangs a lot but I was fine. I kow a few people who are claustrophobic didn't like it much but if you are, mention it to them.

Sue x


thankyou x


i had this as well a few times, as sue said not painful, they give u sedation, just a floaty feeling. i had a prolapse as well though hence having to more than once, i also have ibs.

i had a mri a few months ago for something else, just very nosiey and a small space, but it was fine.

i would say with both procedures u have medical staff who perform this day in day out so if worried at all just spk to them.

i know it can be daunting though, i have had many procedures and having endoscopy tday and still feel very nervous. hope all goes well lou x


hi lou_c,

I had an hysteroscopy back in february and it went abit wrong. Only because the pain relief i gave myself beforehand hadn't worked.


hiya all,

so when do you take the ten senna and that because its confused me abit and do i need to take painkillers for this? also will i need anything else?


Thankyou x


i agree with everyone above its quite funny actually to be able to see your insides!! even though you couldnt give a hoot with the sedation! yourl be fine and you get a brilliant cup of tea afterwards:))) x


The only uncomfortable feeling I had was cos I had such a dishy doctor at the 'bottom end' Embarrassing!! :) xx


Brill! but knowing my luck it'd be an ugly one lol


LOL or a lady doctor! Well, when you get to my age, all the doctors, police officers, everyone, looks about 15. x


Yes to both.

MRI - just keep your eyes closed. The sounds are like you would expect to hear from a space ship contacting earth and quite interesting.

Colonoscopy - had sedation, felt "period" type pains in my stomach but as sedated was just aware of them. On waking, no pains and was told have IBS (chronic constipation/lazy bowel).

Don't worry, you will be fine.


thankyou barybykins


I have had a colonoscopy twice, first time 25yrs ago.

The second time was 6years ago and------ I couldn't believe it but I was told I have an extra loop of colon to normal and that is causing me to be constipated !



oh wow. So how does that affect you?


Hi i didnt want to worry you so i didnt reply earlier but then i changed my mind because people ought to know the possibilities,although it is different for everyone.

I had a colonoscopy about three months ago, they couldn't give me very much sedation as it was at a mobile hospital (those you see in car parks etc that move around) and also i take a lot of medication and they were worried i might be too sedated, and they wouldnt have the facilities to keep me in etc.because they closed at night.

Sorry to put this but It was the most painfull experience i have had apart from childbirth, i was in agony, they topped up my sedation a little but it didnt help, the pain was when they were pushing the tube around corners in my bowel etc, they had me in allsorts of positions to try and help but it was agony.I was crying with the pain.

The outcome confirmed i had irritable bowel syndrome, and if i ever need a colonoscopy again i will definately have it done in a proper hospital where they can give adequate sedation!

SORRY i really dont mean to worry you but at least you can mention any worries you have before you have the test.

Regards Amanda x


hi thankyou x


Hi Amanda,

I've never heard of them doing it in a mobile hospital in a car park. I have my boobs squashed in a car park every 3 years :) but not a colonoscopy :(

Why didn't they do it in the 'proper' hospital?

Sue xx


I've had the camera Up and Down. I never took the anesthetic on either occasion as you can't drive for 24 hours and I had no-one to drive me home. I never experienced any discomfort. I think a lot of it comes down to the specialist. I had the same doctor on both occasions. He was extremely thorough as well as fast. The end result for me was mild colitis, IBS, Helicobactor and a dodgy reflux valve. I don't think there's anyone on here that body isn't a wreck. :-) x


i've had the colonoscopy twice without major sedation and once with slightly more sedation the last one was at the same time as the one down the throat so i really didnt think i could tolerate both but i had no ill effects on any occasion. yes its odd seeing your insides. i was told i had diverticulitis and ibs and as i still had a problem there was a bit they couldnt get to and wanted to give me a barium enema and do it where they twist and turn you but i was having a flare when they got back to me and couldnt face it. though i wouldnt activily seek another colonoscopy out again i wouldnt freak out at the thought of one. only two problems were the timing of the stuff i had to take the day before [pixi dust we call it] and the ....wind...... in the mixed ward for recovering where we all wanted to....let it go.... but were all too embarrassed as there was an old 'proper gent' in there and we didnt think he knew ladies did such things.. :-) but that cup of tea was the best cup of tea in the world. and the second time i remember taking mints in with me to take afterwards to help with the wind.

MRI i had many years ago was in a car park... wouldnt fancy having the colonoscopy there..... but the MRI was fine. better if you close your eyes but only cos the ceiling is too close to focus on so its easier for your eyes.

good luck and hopefully they dont find any thing of consern.


hi pottyness,

thanks for the help


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