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Has anyone had their spleen removed here?

I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, I.B.S., restless leg syndrome, dry eyes, I have a heart murmur and damage to the nerve endings of my spine, I have had my Gall Bladder removed and have a large hiatus hernia, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and yes.. depression!!... and last August they found three masses in my spleen and removed it, now even an insect bite makes me ill. I am prone to any sort of infections and if someone has a cold or flu they can't come near me as I could catch it and there is a very strong possibility that I would die. I cannot attend one of these ATOL interviews, and asked my MP to see what they could do, and the Job Centre overturned their decision and put me in the non work group, now about 8 weeks later they sent me to do this form all over again and I am just about wanting to die...... I am on tablets insulin antibiotics all sorts of meds.. just to keep me safe and alive. I can't go on foreign holidays or anywhere I have to walk because I am in too much pain. My life is pain pain pain.. I would like the government to just let me die to be frank as tormenting me like this is just what I am going to do! I contacted my MP again and they have written to the Job Centre Plus again. But that was over two weeks ago and there has been no reply. The form has to be completed by the 23 March and I can't face it. I can't go to the CAB office, Typing this causes pain. But I wanted to ask if anyone has had their spleen out and how does it affect them?

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Hi there im so sorry your going through this, how did you know your spleen had got 2 masses, what was your symtoms??

i really hope you feel better soon xx takecare


Hello Swannie, the consultant in West Wales hospital carried out a series of scans and tests found three masses in my spleen told me that it was dying inside me. I had a bad pain in my side for a few days and went to my diabetic clinic and they told me that i looked severely ill. Sent me to hospital. I was there for 15 days. Nightmare - dirty place. Nurses were abusive and neglectful towards me and others there. Its left me a scar that will never heal in my mind. :( so unhappy about all this really..


im so sorry for you it really sounds like you have had a really bad time of late,keep your chin up and remember what dont kill you makes you stronger!!!! takecare and if you need a chat we are all here for you xx

i only asked about yr spleen because iv been having cronic pain on my left side just under my ribs and my kidneys are fine i went to A&E they said i pulled a muscel but it goes then back with a vengence xx


So has anyone here had their spleen removed? :-(


Hi, Chrisey.

I am so sorry that you feel so badly. I can relate personally to feeling like that because of my own health issues. I lost my spleen about 12 years ago. I am going to tell you the things that I figured out along the way and point you to the things that have helped me, in the hope that this will put you on the path to reclaiming your health.

In January of 2001 my very little car crashed into a very big tree, and I incurred a lot of internal damage including damage to the liver, spleen, ankle and wrists and a broken pelvic bone. The most obvious results of that accident were these:

1.My left ankle was crushed. I had three surgeries on that ankle alone in the following year. After the last operation, I was informed that the surgery should hold me for a few more years until an ankle replacement would be necessary. Although I recognized and appreciated the skill and technology that had allowed for the fact that I still had the ankle, I had had enough of surgery and crutches for a lifetime!

2.I suffered a complete loss of health. I had to go into rehab to re-learn how to breathe and move body parts again. Every day, after about a half an hour after waking up, I felt like I was going to fall asleep; as if I had an IV of Benadryl in my veins. I generally felt very disconnected and had no energy. That was frustrating. I went with the “fake it until you make it” plan. I didn’t go back to the doctor’s office. I went to yoga instead … but I’ll get to that.

It has been a long road and if I knew then what I knew now, I would have come this much further, years ago. I am still learning but can tell you that I am 53 years old and in excellent physical condition.

Read the stories of those of have come back from almost-dead because it will give you the hope and optimism that you need. It will help you to figure out what you need to do. I will make some “look at” suggestions for you. I did this class when I was in Atlanta. I am not a raw foodist but this was one of my stops on my way to learning to regain my health. It is valuable. The accomplishments are remarkable! (Hippocrates Health Institute) What they do is fantastic! Talk about healing! This site will have something about the benefits of wheat grass juice also, which is one of the things that I do.

I drink “green” drinks every day that I make in the blender. I use a green “superfood” powder and then mix it into a smoothie type drink.

I also drink fresh squeezed wheat grass juice (as I mentioned above). I am a confirmed believer.

I practice Bikram Yoga every day. It is hard but then look at the alternative. I do not have back (and other body part) pains anymore. I still have the ankle that was supposed to be replaced. Bikram Yoga is particularly good for those of us who are recovering from something. I suggest looking up “benefits” and do bother to read the testimonials. Great for physical pains; excellent for depression.

Radical? Yes, but then so is the suffering and that just sucks so what are the alternatives? These are some suggestions to help you get started. I haven’t found a magic bullet yet or I would share. I do know that I felt really awful and I was very depressed for years so I will tell you that I am positive that you can find your way out of it. Know that it is work. if the suggestions above don’t work for you exactly, they may lead you other things that do. Something will. Good luck and good wishes!



After a cycle accident, I had my spleen removed. I was 6 years old. I am now 60. I understand that now many people are recommended to take anti-biotics for the rest of their lives. Well 54 years ago there was no knowledge of this and I have survived.

I do now suffer from severe tiredness, muscle aches and joint stiffness/pains. I also suffer from IBS.

Separately, I have suffered heart problems (AF) for 12 years. I have had many DC cardio versions and several pulmonary ablations. The last one of these damaged my heart node and I was fitted with a pacemaker, as an emergency.

Amiodorone medication for a year damaged my thyroid, I was hyper thyroid and then became hypo thyroid. I now take thyroxine permanently.

I take painkillers, warfarin, citalopram. I stopped simvastatin some months ago incase this was causing my problems. So far no improvement.

Look forward to hearing from anyone out there.


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