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I had a Colonoscopy yesterday and I can honestly say it was the worst experience of my life ! despite having the sedation the pain was off the scale !

I used to be put asleep for this but the last two I was awake,,,,,,,,the last one was painful but I could tolerate it but I can say if a Vet put my Dog through what I went through yesterday I would sue the pants off him!

I felt ill all day and only just recovering this morning,,,,,,,,,I've got another appointment in two weeks time due to not being able to complete the procedure and I'm dreading it!

I'm no whimp as I've just come through surgery for Breast Cancer with the follow up treatment and by comparsion that was a breeze !

I feel I need to go back to have it done to check for any Cancer's in early stage but I feel like I'm going to the gallows !

Surely someone out there can make a decision that will put the patient first and reintroduce a full anesthetic !

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What an awful experience, I do understand how you feel, when I had mine I had the gas and air, can't remember what it's called, it barely took the edge off. Discuss this with your GP before the next appointment, I was also given shots of buscopan during the procedure, please don't put off future appointments your health is important. xx


Thanks Lou60, I had Buscopan, Fentany and Midazolam, none of which worked, I felt I had to post this as I don't think enough people are complaining therefore nothing changes !

I will go back to have it done but I already feel sick just thinking about it and with still being at a low from my cancer treatment that is not good !

I will also speak to my GP so thank you for the suggestion !


Hi, I've had this done twice and the last time was worse than the first. Where I am you can opt for sedation (lorazepam I think it was) which doesn't put you out like a general anaesthetic but sort of sends you off for a while. Maybe you could enquire about this when you talk to the doctor. I hope you get some help so it's not so distressing next time. Take care. X

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Sorry for your experience. I am glad you posted. You hear so many people say that it is fine and sleep through it. Which is lovely for them. But unfortunately there is the flip side.

WELL like you I have had two horrific experiences. I have had the maximum sedation they are allowed to give and pain relief - but yet they have had to stop the procedure!! I am use to pain through various surgeries and lifelong conditions that have left me with extreme pain daily since the age of 12.

But I will never ever have another Colonoscopy unless I am put to sleep.

I am glad people do have good experiences. Don't want everyone to think it is all bad.


Yes I'm glad some have good experience's too but I think the flip side should be SHOUTED about also,,,,,,,,surely there is no need for anyone to experience such severe pain these day's,,,,,,,,,

I don't think the medics can continue to bury their heads in the sand much longer !

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I am so very sorry to read that, and I can relate to what you have written as I had one quite a few years ago and I vowed never, ever again! I want to wish you all the best of luck, and tell them if you are in pain and insist on more pain relief and do not take no for an answers!

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I can synmpathise. I had several a couple of years ago. The first ones were partial. They stuck a camera up my bum without warning me. The final one was done under local anesthetic (thank goodness) and I didn't feel a thing.

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I had one done about 4 years ago was put as sedation by the consultant, when I arrived it was really busy an extra clinic booked in for a Saturday, the nurse said you won't need sedation gas and air will be fine - omg the pain was horrendous child birth with gas and air was less painful I will never have it done again unless I'm put asleep.

Have also had endoscopy twice first one no sedation just throat spray was awful I was in tears.

Second one few years later different Hosp Dr said you have Fibro do you have any problems swallowing and I said yes so he said ok we will give you double whammy sedation, they put mouth thing in to keep my mouth open sprayed my throat said OK we are putting sedation in next thing I woke up was all over and finished - biopsys came back clear thankfully although I have a very small polyp which was left alone.

I think it is who is doing it tbh some are more considerate some its just do it and next one which is poor practice.

In future if I have to have either of the above its they put me out or I'll refuse. WE suffer with enough pain there is no need to be put through more these days.

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Thanks Kaylyn.........With having had the Breast Cancr I've decided to give it one more go as any screening is a good thing,,,,,,,,however it will be the last time if the pain is not considered,,,,,,,,,


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