Has anyone had itchy ear problem?

Hi All

I have itchy ears. I don't mean a little itch now and then, I mean a 'drive you mad, want to scream, want to rip the bloomin' things off the sides of my head' kind of an itch. And it's inside, not the lobe, or the surround, but right inside! Every day. And getting worse - more frequent, more severe.

I've asked my GP in the past, and he said he couldn't see any problem. I'm reluctant to go back and 'make a fuss over nothing'

So, has anyone else on here had this? If so, any bright ideas for stopping it, before I go completely doo-lally! (I'm halfway there already - lol)

Thanks in advance



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  • Fraid so I resort to the drs pet hate cotton buds and I am gouging out my ears... With mine though I don't get wax I get a sticky clear liquid that comes out when they itch has been doing it for years... I got my gp to have a look he said they were very clean... Ha not surprising I spend so much time attacking them... Mine mainly happens at night .. Just as I am about to drop off they start itching and I am blundering about trying to find cotton buds

    Glad I am not the only one with weird ears

    VG x

  • Hi VG

    All I can say is - thank goodness you can buy the naughty items in question in the £ shop - I get through so many of them - LOL. I also get that same liquid, maybe that's what keeps our ears so clean, as I got the same comment from my doc! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.


  • Mee too! Lol. Well it's not lots of laughs tho is it! They drive me crazy too, but I can have it through the day but mostly at bed time! I too use the naughty Cotton buds, but you can't not do something with them! Take care guys. Love Annie xx

  • Thanks for your reply Waterfall - I get it day and night too. During the day it is really annoying - especially when you're in company, but at night, sometimes, it wakes me up, and that's the worst!

    Have a good day.


  • Hi,

    I must say, i get really itchy ears too lol daily mostly.

    Love kerry x

  • welcome to the itchy-ear club - lol!


  • hi kazF,

    yes its weird isnt it that we get this

    love kerry

  • Hi, I have had this for years and a GP who said there was nothing wrong with my ears told me to try a few drops of olive oil in ear and lean to one side so that it doesnt drip out. It does help ease it. Its worth a try.

  • Thanks LaurieLee.

    My GP told me to try this a few years ago, when I had a blocked ear. It didn't help to clear that, but maybe it will soothe the itch. I'll try it tonight.

  • Yeah itchy ears and itchy nose. I was taking anti histamines. I'm not certain but I think mine is down to dairy. I don't get it so mch if I stick to soya. I've been having lacto free recently but it still has the casein milk protein on It.

  • Hiya Kaz, i have this really bad itch in my right ear and its really way down in and i found using a cotton bud to get down in to scratch it was the answer but ooooohhh noooooo i soon realised the cotton bud tip was actually makin it worse!!! it seemed to help the itch at the time as i could reach down in but i ended up makin it worse with the cotton bud as i was aggrivating the skin. My Doctor looked in my ear and found it to b "Excema" which he said can b related with my Fibro coz everytime i get my pains my ear seems to play up. Anyway he perscribed me ear drops...not for sore ear but these ones cooled the ear down and they were like a waxy ointment that soothed the excema and when i get flare up of this these drops do the trick everytime.

    Hope this helps your Question Kaz x

    sonya x

  • This is good to know. Thanks my ears are so bad. I'll ask my dr about this!

  • Hi, so is it decided itchy ear syndrome is part of Fibro, because my ears have literally just started itching this year, even my eyes and ive had an itchy nose for years. I thought it was all down to allergies, but if you guys are right and its Fibro related it makes me feel better, cause sometimes its felt like my eyes and ears had things crawling in them.

  • Same here my right ear itches like mad. I've found putting dermol cream on a cotton wool bud and wiping it around the inside of my ear relieves it x

  • Be careful using Dermol cream (corticosteroid clobetasol propionate), as long term use can cause serious side effects. It should only be used sparingly and only for a short time. If you want to use it for longer than a couple of weeks, you should really see your doctor first and get advice.

  • I notice that your post Kaz is from 3 years ago, but just wanted to say that I too am experiencing the awful itchy ears! Have been to drs about it, but was just given ear drops, but is now in both ears. & seems to have hot s lot worse & is driving me insane! How are you?

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