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Been to a funeral and then the wake been gone since 11 am this moring jus walked in the door and am absolutely washed out i jus wanna get in bath and fall in a chair can hardly type this so just to say hope you all had a good day and will be back tommorrow i am in agony all over and my arms and legs are all like jelly and in pain , have a nice evening everyone love to you all , would love to answer some of your blogs have done one but cant do any more will look again tomorrow, love and soft hugs Diddle x

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love and soft hugs diddle tc and wishing you a restful night xxx

Warm, gentle hugs to you too. As to commenting on the blogs...don't worry, we're all in the same boat and sometimes the effort is just too great..bring on that 'like' button!Hope you get a good night's rest. xx

And you wonder why youre so tired!?!?

sending you some peaceful zedz (zzzzzzzzz) xx

I am new to this site and read your post this morning,I know just how you feel and I hope that you feel a lot better after a relaxing bath and anights sleep.

Oh Diddle, wish I could help you! I know just how you must be feeling. I do hope you get a good night and can rest tomorrow. Soft hugs xxx

we are all in the same boat,sometimes I only have the energy to get in the site and can't even write anything,don't worry,we all support each other!

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